Monday, September 10, 2012

The Film Festival diet

At this time of year I have to set aside my foodie side to make way for my film side which makes me a bit cranky by the end of 11 days of the Film Festival Diet.

If you want to know why Celebrities are skinny you just have to know what they have to do.    In this week of the Toronto International Film Festival there is a whole town full of celebrities that have to dash through hotels and buildings to escape being bombarded by paparazzi and fans.   They have to stand on red carpets sucking everything in for a good press photo.   Then they get dragged all through buildings for screenings and press conferences.  So when and what do they get to eat?   Well they may have to go for hours without seeing any actual real food if they are a high demand celebrity with a jam packed schedule.   They might get a drink or some snacks in a Green Room or maybe some appetizers at an industry or film party but they can't exactly go to a regular restaurant and sit down and have a meal without people bothering them for a photo or an autograph.   If you had to go through 11 days of that you would probably be skinny and tired too.

For me I volunteer at the film festival and start my shifts before the dinner hour and then end my shift at midnight most of the time.   We don't get any food or drink provided so we have to wait for a break in between films to go and get some food.   Sometimes we have time to get a sit down meal and sometimes we survive on popcorn from the theatre or whatever people are handing out around the building.

Last night the film was very long so we were able to go have a sit down meal and it made me realize why I get so exhausted by mid festival.   Just the fact of not being able to stay hydrated and eat meals at your normal body clock time messes with your whole energy level and after a few days of it you feel like you have a permanent hangover.  

Sometimes I think to be a Celebrity you have to be able to stand in uncomfortable clothing for long periods of time and go without eating or sleeping for days.   Maybe that's why they get paid big money.

Anyway...back to the food part.   People think that there is a large flowing amount of food and drinks at all the film parties but after a few days of eating meat on a stick or fried foods you crave a substantial meal or something that isn't going to flatten you on the floor.

My energy boosting meal at Shoeless Joe's last night was this seared Tuna salad.  It might be the only time of year I seek out healthier food and can't stand the quick junk foods.

If you wonder why a lot of celebrities become Vegetarians and Vegans and live off of smoothies and things like that it's because their life doesn't allow them to eat leisurely peaceful restaurant meals unless they have a huge security team in tow.

So the next time you see a celebrity in a restaurant think about what it would be like if someone kept you from eating a good meal every day of your life.   You might think twice before asking them for a photo or autograph when they are trying to eat a plate of food.

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