Friday, September 28, 2012

The city removes free food from Occupy's community garden.

The Right for Food for those in need.

I believe that it is the right of EVERYONE to have basic food and clean water at the least.   That's why this act by the city is so very sad and once again a loss for the people that need it most.   If there are no jobs there are no opportunities to earn a living to buy food.   If people make minimum wage and have to pay rent in this city they usually have to sacrifice food in order to keep a roof over their head to keep that minimum wage job as many employers won't hire people without a permanent address.

There is a community group called Not Far from the Tree that will pick produce from public spaces to feed the most vulnerable.

I see nothing wrong with planting a sustaining garden for people that don't have places they can get food.   It would be different if illegal drugs were planted but to remove cherry tomatoes because it's considered mischief is ridiculous.  Once again this shows why so many people have to turn to food banks in the city.   The need for food banks ever increases while the ways to find a way to lessen the need for them doesn't.

Please read this article in the Globe and Mail for the full story.

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