Monday, September 3, 2012

Leslieville Farmer's Market community

Exploring the City's Farmer's Markets

In my quest to find the best Farmer's Market in Toronto I finally went down to the Leslieville Farmer's Market just off of Eastern Ave.

The first thing I noticed was that I was able to find free parking which is sometimes hard to do at some Farmer's Markets.  I don't know if it was because of the long weekend but I was very happy to not have to drive around for 10 minutes looking for a spot or having to pay for parking when I wanted to spend the money on the food at the market instead.

The second thing I noticed was that this market had a lot of vendors and a nice variety of vendors, from Organic fruits and vegetables to fresh baked bread to some prepared foods for the shoppers to snack on while attending the market.

I tried the Vietnamese Coffee Pop from Augies's Pops and the Watermelon Lemonade from another vendor and the fresh made Belgian Waffle with Chocolate Caramel sauce from another vendor.

My friend even picked up a couple of free jackets from a swap table.

I really liked this market as it was set up well and had a great community feel.   I will go back to this one, especially since one of my friend's lives about 10 minutes away from the market so it might be a nice sunday thing to do during the summer.

I picked up a nice variety of foods:

Le Matin Chocolate croissant and brioche, although I wanted a baguette but they were gone in 10 min.
A Spinach and Goat cheese quiche
Garlic chevre cheese
Jalapeno peppers
Daikon radish

the baguette, fish and lemon came from Hooked on Queen St. who were also at the market.

so a nice assortment of foods and I have already eaten all the tomatoes in a tomato sauce.

I would recommend this nice little farmer's market if you are looking for a family outing or even a nice sunday shopping experience on a lazy sunday.

Those tomatoes turned into this great bowl of Linguine.

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