Monday, September 3, 2012

Paulette's- Donuts and Chicken in Leslieville

I was reading about a new little take out place called Paulette's which is in Leslieville in Toronto.   I have a friend named Paulette so I remembered the name.  While I was in Leslieville for the Leslieville Farmer's Market I stopped into Paulette's to try some of the fried chicken for lunch.  

I have to say the Chicken was very good.  There aren't a whole lot of places that do fried chicken well in the city.  Only about a handful I think and mostly hard to find.  This tiny little cute spot had the friendliest counter help, dressed in old style diner whites with a black bow tie.   There was some thought put into the design of the shop, simple but with a retro and modern feel.    The chicken was crunchy and well seasoned without being overpowering and the chicken was juicy and tender inside.  The chicken comes with a choice of dipping sauces. I tried the tandoori sauce but realized that the chicken tastes great on it's own and doesn't need the flavour changing sauces.  I shared a combo with a friend and we got the Mac & Cheese as the side.   I would skip this one.  It was way too salty and didn't have that creamy comfort food taste that you look for in a good Mac & Cheese.

They have fancy donuts there too but since I just had a waffle at the farmer's market I skipped the donuts but they seemed to be popular with the other customers.

Paulette's is on Queen Street on the South side, the storeront is painted a minty green and it's just a tiny little spot but worth looking out for when you are craving some good fried chicken.

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