Saturday, November 19, 2011

Red Rocket Coffee moves to the Danforth

I just read this and my heart sank a bit. I have a special place in my heart for this little coffee shop. The owner Liako was kind enough to allow me to shoot my short film "Urban Zombies" there. We filmed it one afternoon while the regulars milled about the shop. After spending a few hours there I realized what a great neighbourhood cafe this place was. This place is like the Cheers of coffee shops. People go there everyday and bring families, dogs, friends and themselves with their laptops, books and newspapers. They grab a great housemade scone or cookie and a great tea or coffee and chill out for a while. I found this place very homey and relaxing and if I lived in the area I would have called this place my second home. I try and stop in whenever I am in the area and will miss it very much even though I don't get to go often. Even when I drive by I smile because I felt welcomed there and my short film couldn't have been made anywhere else. Even one of the staff members appears in my cast of characters.

Red Rocket Coffee will truly be missed in Leslieville but I hope that it's new home on the Danforth has as much or more success. I will drop by to support them whenever I can.

Good Luck Red Rocket. Hopefully your regular extended family will make it up to the Danforth to your new home.

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