Thursday, November 17, 2011

Jamie Oliver chats in his front room

I went to see Jamie Oliver last night at Roy Thompson Hall and all I got was this Cookbook.

But seriously... as Jamie said when he walked onto the stage: "Welcome to my Front Room" which was kind of how the evening felt.

I saw Jamie last year at the Metro Convention Centre where he was whipping up a couple of simple dishes and the smell of grilled meat that we couldn't taste was killing me. We got bags of chocolate chips on the way out but that didn't quite satisfy the beef craving that we had after smelling the cooking demo. We ran right over to a burger joint and inhaled a burger after the show.

This time Jamie was doing a sit down chat with Rosey Edey from ET Canada. They sat in some fancy black chairs on stage and just had a chat and Jamie answered audience questions along the way. It was like a chef talking about food with a thousand friends. A little weird for a chef to be just sitting there talking about his food likes, dislikes and food politics but he is a master story teller and has stories of all kinds of odd experiences from around the world.

He spoke about his Food Revolution show and movement that he has championed to make changes in both Britain and America.

He said he only does the sit down chat in Canada. Not sure why. Maybe it's because we have a whole lot of foodies here that like to talk and eat food.

I don't know but he was entertaining but I would have loved to have a Jamie Oliver amuse bouche or something at the show. I was a lot smarter this time and had dinner just before the show so I wasn't starving throughout the hour plus long food chat.

I love what Jamie Oliver has done and think it's great that one chef could change so many people's lives with a little help.

The power of food never ceases to amaze me.

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