Monday, November 7, 2011

A Cooks big tools

KitchenAid© Professional 5 Stand Mixer | Canadian Tire

I have been wanting to get a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer for quite a long time. They are kind of an investment piece with the price being about $299 and up. I finally deiced to pick this one up at Canadian Tire and add it to my Cooks arsenal of tools. There are so many models of this Kitchen Aid machine that it was tough to decide which one to get but when you can get the Professional 5 quart for what the normal classic one costs it's time to buy. I saved 40% or $200 so even though it was still $299 I was getting a better model. So I would recommend picking one up if you are in the market for this mixer.

I used to use my mother's old Stand Mixer but it was kind of ugly and after years of use was kind of grungy so it was time to say goodbye when I moved and I only had a hand mixer which doesn't quite cut it if you are looking to make something like bread or something dense. So I have been wanting this mixer for a long time. It's kind of drool worth for a foodie cook. It just looks like a piece of art you want to use to create art food.

I hope to do a bit more experimenting in the kitchen this winter and hope that this piece of equipment will be put to good use for years to come.

It also made me think of what were my favourite tools in the kitchen.

My pics would have to be:

My nice red Paderno Knives
My cutting board
My Cuisinart toaster oven... matches my new mixer too.

These seem to be the tools I use everyday and get the most use from.

What are your favourite kitchen tools? If you are a heat up and go it's probably a microwave... if you are salad person it's probably a bowl and a knife... What do you use the most in Your Kitchen?

If you had to only have 3 things what would they be? This is my Iron Chef challenge to you.

I suppose these would be my three.... assuming you get a plate and utensil to go with whatever you are making.

What would you choose?

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