Sunday, August 7, 2016

You better Verk at Verkspace


Last week I went downtown to check out Verkspace, is a newly opened shared work space concept that as been carefully designed to have form and function.  The name Verkspace is Icelandic for labout and this space was designed with Scandanavian influenced design.  It is meant to be clean like office space but comfortable like a home space.  Only having been open for a short time this building is still in development for future uses in the different areas in the building.  They are planning on developing an space for food demos and events in the upper floor area.  There will also be more private office spaces along with the communal spaces.  An area with no windows meant to be used for designers and techies that need to just focus on their computer screens with little distractions.  This space is meant to be used for people that are start up entrepreneurs and people that travel a lot and don't need permanent office space.

The basic membership is $95/month and includes 2hr/month boardroom booking.

Membership Perks:
  • Downtown address
  • Package Receiving
  • High Speed Internet
  • Printing
  • Cleaning Service
  • Neigbourhood Perks
  • Boardrooms + Lounges
  • Community Managers & Reception
  • Coffee & Beverage Service
Hot Desk - $250-$275/month
Dedicated Desk - $500-$575/month
2 Person Office - $1,500-$1750/month
3-4 Person Office - $2,200-$2500/month
4-6 Person Office - $3200-$3500/month

The advantage of using a service/space like this is that you don't have to invest in all of the office furniture and the investment of starting up an office and all of the logistics and you can customize to get what you need as you grow your business.  It makes your company look larger than it is because you don't have to pay for the whole space on your own so you can get a large space with out paying the huge overhead of it.  You will also get to meet other entrepreneurs that you could partner with or trade services with.  If you have a big meeting but have just started up and are still working out of your home this could give you an instant office where you could have meetings or do collaborative work if you don't have the space or the location that is convenient to meet up.  Unlike a coffee shop you won't have the distractions and you can have the privacy you may need to discuss confidential information and not worrying about the guy next to you having a coffee hearing your whole conversation.

I have seen other shared work spaces but this is the nicest and cleanest place with the most flexibility of any of the other spaces that I have seen.   During a short contract I worked at an organization that helped young start ups get help and I can tell you that they have enough work to do without dealing with office space.  This really makes it easy to get work done in a professional and comfortable environment.  I highly recommend checking it out and see if it might be useful to your business needs.

Twitter: @join_verkspace
Facebook: Verkspace
Hashtag: #VerkBetter

Verkspace location:
32 Britain Street, Suite 200. 
Toronto, ON M5A
T. 416-286-5749

I will be trying out this space soon and will do another post about my experience then.

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