Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sweetery Festival - sweets and more


I checked out the 2nd Annual Sweetery Festival at David Pecaut Square on August 21, 2016.  It was the second year but it was the first time I attended.  It had expanded from a parking lot the previous year. Still a very young festival run by very young people so it has a bit of growing to do.
It is an initiative of George Brown College to have some of their advanced Baking students and other Sweets and confection vendors have a dedicated show to showcase their goods.

The name Sweetery is Sweets and Eatery combined as explained by one of the organizers.
The George Brown Students use this event as part of their grading and also the proceeds of the sales of the products go towards a trip to France that they had planned.

David Pecaut Square is a lovely square easily accessible off of King Street West.  With a lovely grassy open area.  You can see from this photo that they set up red and white umberellas for people to sit and have shade.  It looked really nice and had a function which is what I like to see.

 There was all kinds of different treats.  From some of the things in this photo,  shaved ice from ,  Cookie topped Iced coffee, Macarons from Masterchef winner baker Sui from Daan Go.   Also a vanilla custard cake, really great butter tarts from Andrea's Bakery, pizelle and gelato, cookies and other croissants and pastries from George Brown College, not pictured.

I didn't try very many things.  I did try the shaved ice with sweet soy and condensed milk.  It was very light and nutty tasting.  Very popular on the hot day.  I also sampled the fantastic butter tarts and the vanilla custard cake and a bit of a couple of the macarons.

One of my favourite things at the show wasn't even food but food jewellery by Smitten creations.  It was so creative.  I first spotted sushi rings and then saw all the cute dessert rings, necklaces and ear rings.   I bought one with a chocolate birthday cake in a dome.  So cool and I think reasonably priced.

There were also a couple of food trucks and other food vendors there.   One of the other interesting things not in the photo was flavoured marshmallows from I love Puffy Love in flavours like Merry Mojito that could be set up for your next party.

David's Tea also had some great cold tea samples like strawberry flavour on hand to cool you off.

I would love to see this festival grow and become a bit more organized.  There were a few issues with setting up on the sunday morning that I hope they can sort out for next year.

Look out for some of these treats in the city in the future.

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