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Best places to Eat at TIFF16

If you are attending the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) and you are hardcore about seeing as many films or attending as many parties that you can and you don't spend a lot of time in the Festival area then I hope this list will help you decide where to eat when you have no time between films or you have time to kill and want a sit down meal because your next event isn't for a couple of hours.  You are either rushing or waiting during Tiff so I hope this list is a quick guide of places to go near the theatres and in the general TIFF Festival area.  They are great anytime but this is for you when you are so tired and can't think anymore and you are starving.  STARVING FOODIE is here to help with this list of Where to Eat when you are at TIFF -by venue location.


1. Bell Tiff Lightbox - 350 King Street West
  • A&W Restaurant - 8 Mercer Street - When you need cheap and fast eats.  
  • Luma or Canteen in the Bell Tiff Lightbox - 350 King St. W.  - When you don't have time to go far between films.
  • Montecito - 328 Wellington St. W. -  When you need a break from the Festival this is a great place to get some great food and a drink.
2. Elgin and Winter Carden Theatre - 189 Yonge Street
  • Richmond Station - 1 Richmond St. W. - Just great food by 
  • The Chase - 10 Temperance St, - The Chase has a fantastic patio and sister shop Little Fin for seafood take-out.
  • Foodwares - 176 Queen St. W. - Not open all hours but during the weekday it's great for a fresh fast meal when you don't know what you want.  Marche type of restaurant.

Richmond Station Burger
3. Glenn Gould Studio at CBC - 250 Front Street West
  • Wahlbergers - 46 Blue Jays Way - Owned by the Wahlberg brothers Donny, Mark and Paul.  Their own Burgers etc. 
  • Luckee Restaurant 328 Wellington St W- The best Dim Sum in the city by Susur Lee.
  • The Shore Club - 155 Wellington St. W. - I haven't been to this one yet but it's an upscale steakhouse closeby.
Luckee - Shrimp Cheung Fun

4. Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema - 506 Bloor Street West
  • Big Tuna Poke Bar - 599 Bloor St. W. - This is where I would go. A little west of Bathurst but worth it for an excellent Poke Bowl.  I tried the Classic Tuna poke and loved it.
  • Aroma Espresso 500 Bloor St. W. - This is the best place to grab a healthy bit and a coffee or one of their Aroma chill drinks and watch all the people in the ticket holder line.
  • Pauper’s Pub 539 Bloor St. W. - This is right across the street and has a patio and multiple floors.  Pub food and drinks when you need to fuel up
  • Big Tuna Poke
5. Isabel Bader Theatre - 93 Charles Street West
  • Gabby's  - 192 Bloor St. W. - The cheap pub chain food that is fairly closeby.
  • La Societe - 131 Bloor St. W. - French Bistro food in a beautifully designed space.
  • The One Eighty - Manulife Centre, 51st Floor, 55 Bloor St W - Formerly called Panorama for the great view of the city.  It is run by the people from Eatertainment.  New menu and fantastic place to hang with friends.

6. Jackman Hall, AGO - 317 Dundas Street West
  • Mean Bao  in the Village by the Grange Food Court  - Cheap, fast Bao's and dumplings
  • Provo Food Bar - 308 Dundas St. W.-New Gourmet Casual dining and the food is really good too.
  • Frank - 317 Dundas Street West in the AGO - I have had food from the AGO catering at events and it's pretty good.
  • Provo Food Bar gnocchi

7. Scotiabank Theatre - 259 Richmond Street West
  • Carver Eatery -  101 Peter St.  - This place is a tiny hidden gem with the best award winning slow roasted sandwich take-out.  Tell the owner Rob that I sent you.  It will make him very happy.
  • Thoroughbred 304 Richmond St. W. - A place to chill with some interesting food and a drink.
  • Khao San Road 326 Adelaide St. W.
Carver Eatery
8. Princess of Wales Theatre - 300 King Street West
  • PAI 18 Duncan St. - Great That food.  It's a busy place but it's the real deal.  They have a tiny patio.
  • Byblos - 161 Pearl St. - Upscale Greek Food.  You should make reservations because it may be closed for private parties.
  • Figo - 295 Adelaide St. W. - 2 minute walk from Princess of Wales and Lightbox.  Great classic Italian Food and they have a patio too.  Get the Zucchini Fritti
Figo - Zucchini Fritti
9. Roy Thompson Hall - 60 Simcoe Street
  • Ritz Carlton - DEQ -  181 Wellington St.W. - This is where my team goes for a break between films or after a film.  Great patio and the fries are great too.
  • Elephant & Castle 212 King St. West - This is where my Entourage team goes when we are hungry because it's comfort food that fills you up and you can get a beer too.  The menu has changed but the food is still great. You can get Jalapeno Mac and Cheese with Chicken or Shrimp.  It's fantastic and the perfect amount.  
  • Los Colibris /El Cabalito - 220 King St. West - Got a taco craving?  They got Tacos and guacamole and Los Colibris has upscale Mexican food.  They have a rooftop patio but be warned the music is so loud you will be talking very loudly.
Elephant and Castle - Jalapeno mac and cheese with chicken
10. Ryerson  - 43 Gerrard St. E.
  • Banh Mi Boys - 399 Yonge Street - Fast, cheap and great.  Get a Banh Mi sandwich and eat it while you are waiting in a Rush line.
  • Reds Midtown 382 Yonge Street - Right at the corner of Yonge and Gerrard. with a patio if you need to chill.
  • Salad King -340 Yonge Street - Great Thai food. Always packed. You can eat in communal style or take out. 
Banh Mi - Bao and sandwich 
These are all my choices and I have been to almost all of them.  I picked 3 places near the theatre venues.  Some have more choices than others but to get it into a handy list I chose 3.

Hope you like my choices and return to them even when you aren't at TIFF.

*This is not a sponsored post. This is my own curated list.

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