Saturday, April 9, 2016

Green Living Show celebrates 10 years

The Green Living Show
returns to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre from 
April 15-17, 2016 for it's 10th year.  

I think I may have attended at least half of those 10 years of shows.  

You don't have to be a super Ecoholic to go to the show but if you want to see a lightbulb that will last 30 years or you like to grow herbs and forget about them for 2 weeks then this is the show for you.

The show is packed full of good for you and the planet foods such as honey, and various snacks from granola to kale chips as expected to local restaurants who are leading the way in local, organic and good for sustainability products.  

The show is divided into different areas from wines and the large food section to home products, to beauty and fashion products, health products, vehicles of all sorts, and an area for the kids.  
It really is a show for everyone that is looking for things for the future.

I got a chance to attend the Media Preview this week at the Merchants of Green Coffee and sampled some of the foods and check out some of the products that will be at the show.

I can now say that I have tried crickets and mealworms because of one of the vendors doing a taste test to guess from 3 plates of pasta which was made with crickets, mealworms or beef.  I guess the beef but I can honestly say that the one with the mealworms had the most robust flavour.

Beet cheesecake
Smores poptart
Duck Riette
squash and apple soup

Cauliflower au gratin
Grits and chickpeas

You can check out these cool things at the show too.  This little e-bike and a personal washing machine.  There will be a humungous Flag that you can sign too.

There are lots of samples and interactive things to try at the show and it's a great place to bring kids to learn about doing things that are good for the environment and educating them why they should consider what they do in their futures.  It can be a little thing like eating mealworm spaghetti sauce to reduce the methane gas that cows produce and the amount of water needed to grow cattle.  To supporting companies that produce products that don't end up in landfills because we will run out of room to put all this garbage if we keep up on the level of consumerism that we are experiencing now.

You can even get into the Show for Free if you bring Electronic waste that they will collect to be recycled.   You can also possibly walk away with an eco power bar too.

For more information check the Green Living Show Website: 

Here is some ticket info:

FREE 3-Day Entry
  • When you bring in e-waste for recycling
  • For all WWF CN Tower climbers
  • When you show your GO Transit ticket valid for the day of admission
  • Show your PRESTO Card
  • Show your Live Green Card
Adult Admission                  $15.00
Seniors (65+)                      $10.00
Students with photo ID       $10.00
Children under 12               Free with an Adult present
School Group Rate             $8.00 pp (10+)
Box office special               Friday evening $10 after 4 p.m.
Re-Admission                    Buy 1 adult, student or senior ticket and return to the show free all weekend.

 *disclaimer:  I attended the media preview and was given samples to try but the opinions in this blog are my own.

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