Monday, November 3, 2014

Event - The Luxury Chocolate Show

What event can you go to on a sunday afternoon where it's packed with Chocoholics in a frenzy?  Yes the 4th Annual Luxury Chocolate Show just happened at Roy Thompson Hall in downtown Toronto where there were streams of Chocoholics eager to check out all the chocolate treats.

My friend works at Roy Thompson Hall and was working the door.  She said it was a mad house when I entered the building.  She was busy directing media, and throngs of people that cashed in on those online deal tickets so there was a steady stream of people at the show all day.

I was only there for a short time and only tried a couple of the samples but I did take lots of picks for you to check out.  I realized that I wasn't as much of a chocoholic as I thought I was.  I resisted the many tables of chocolate sweets and a couple of savoury dishes.  I hadn't had lunch yet so I find I don't crave sweets until after I eat my meal or when I am just totally exhausted and need a pick me up.

Some of the things they had at the show were Chocolate eating contests, chocolate making demos, and chocolate pairings with wine and beer.  Some of the chocolate treats included chocolate shoes, chocolate skulls, cake pops, macarons, truffles, cookies, cakes and anything you would normally find chocolate in.

Some of the vendors participating included LeDolci, Laura Slack, Brix, Penthouse Catering, Thompson Chocolates, Xocai and Giddy YoYo and too many more to mention.

This was a fundraising event and run in conjunction with the Chocolate Ball that I attended recently.

Here are some of the pics of what I got near at the show.  I missed a few things because there were too many people to get near it to take a photo.

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