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12 Days of Culinary Holiday Gifts

Christmas Gift Lists
12 Days of Culinary Holiday Gifts

Are you one of those people that waits until Christmas Eve to go to the Mall to get Christmas gifts because you procrastinate or just don't have a clue what to get for your friends and family or those Secret Santa gift exchanges?  Do you break out into sweats just thinking about having to figure out what to buy for people?  Do you have Foodies in your life that you don't know what to get for them?  I can help you with this one and relieve some of your shopping stress.

Here are my picks for the 12 Days of Culinary Gifts that I think any budding Chefs or Foodies will love.  Prices go from $15 dollars to a few hundred dollars depending on your budget you can choose one of these amazing and drool worthy foodie gifts for those hard to figure out gifts.  To make it even easier I have chosen a few that you can order online and skip those crazy parking lots and packed malls.

Here are my picks for 12 Days of Culinary Gifts:

1.  AMAZING CLUBS  - You can choose a Gourmet gift of the Month from a whole list of different montly clubs like Chocolate, Cheese, Wine, Beer, Pasta and many more.  My pick would be cheese of the month so that I could always have different cheese to cook with, eat or entertain.

2.  FOODIE PAGES  - Foodie pages is a great Canadian company that curates great new products that you can have delivered to your door.  I have sent one to a grieving widow and have tried a couple of the Foodie Boxes myself.   The Foodie boxes start at $14.95.  You can get various sample boxes or choose specific boxes for your needs.   This is a one time delivery but you can probably set it up to get it every month.

Foodie P

3.  VITAMIX BLENDER in Christmas Red - This is the Rolls Royce of Blenders.  There are different models at different prices but I liked this Holiday Red version that you can order on Amazon.

4.  KITCHENAID Stand Mixer - This is the machine to get for the Bakers and Pizza makers in your life.  It can whip and knead and save your arms for hugging your loved ones.  I chose the Red one again to look good on the counter with the Red Vitamix Blender.  Make sure you get all the attachments.  The whisk, scraper and dough hook.  And if you are really nice you can get the pasta roller, meat grinder or ice cream maker attachments.  That's why this machine rocks.  Looks great, works great and does a whole lot of things.  I make cookies and bread dough with mine.

5.   LE CREUSET - Dutch OVEN in Cherry Red
My mom had this Dutch Oven for years and when she passed I kept it.  It is the most amazing pot.  It's a bit heavy but that's a great thing for cooking stews and even making things like caramelized onions which I used it for just yesterday.  You can put it in the oven and then right to the table.  It cleans easily and lasts a lifetime.  So instead of buying crappy pots and replacing them all the time invest in this quality Dutch Oven and pass it down to future generations along with the great recipes it makes.

6.  NESPRESSO Coffee Maker - This is one of the prettiest coffee makers that will look good with the rest of the items above but not only that it makes amazing coffees and has a separate frother that you can use with fresh milk.  This is the one that comes closest to the coffee house fancy coffees.   Cappuccino anyone?

7.  SUPER HERO APRON -  I found these Aprons on Amazon while searching for some things and I thought it might be a fun gift for that Wonder Woman or Super Hero in your life in the kitchen.  It's fun and not too expensive so it's a great gift for those Secret Santa gifts too.

8.  PROFESSIONAL CHEF COOKBOOK from the CIA - Culinary Institute of America's Professional Cookbook for anyone to brush up on great cooking techniques.

9.   DAVID'S TEA - HOLIDAY TEAS - Santa's Secret -  For the Tea lover on your list you can pick up one of David's Tea's Holiday Teas.  You can even order teas on their website and get Free Shipping on orders over $50.  To go with the red theme I chose this one.  It has peppermint in it which is a favourite during the winter months.

10.  CUTTING BOARD by Fred & Friends - OCD - OBSESSIVE - You need to have a solid cutting board to be able to dice and chop like a Pro.  Here's one for those people that want the perfect cut.

11.   CULINARY ADVENTURE from Culinary Adventure Co. OCTA - Book a Food Tour, a class or give a Gift Certificate for a Culinary Adventure like a Wine Tour or some other adventure in Ontario.   Run by a private chef and the owner of Cheeseworks.   A step up from just a gift, it's an adventure in food.

12.  GROCERY GIFT CARD from one of these premium grocery stores in Toronto. McEwan Grocery, Pusateri's or Whole Foods.    Let your foodie special person knock themselves out in the kitchen with premium ingredients from some of the high end grocery stores in Toronto.  Hopefully this will be the gift that gives back to you in a dinner invitation with a special menu prepared with the food from one of these great stores.

Happy Holiday Shopping... enjoy the fruits of your shopping labour.

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