Monday, September 22, 2014

Rock Lobster thanks Leslieville residents with a FREE BBQ

I am not a Leslieville resident but I spend a lot of time in Leslieville because a couple of my friends live in Leslieville and I like to go to the Leslieville farmers market on sundays sometimes.

So when I heard that RockLobster Food Co. on Queen St. East was going to be throwing a FREE BBQ to thank the residents of Leslieville for their first year of business in the neighbourhood I had to let my friend know.   We had been to the restaurant fairly recently and she jumped at the chance to go to their community BBQ.   They had face painting for the kids and some really cool balloon animals too.   For the adults there were Caesars and lots of food.   While my friend is almost a total vegetarian she did try the hamburgers because the only vegetarian option was vegetable skewers.   On their menu they do have mac and cheese though, but on the BBQ was lobster tails, hot dogs and burgers and lobster frittata burgers.    They also had some fresh shrimp on cucumber rounds.   Since I am not a vegetarian but I do like vegetables I had lots to eat.

It was a very generous gift on their part as they only asked that people make donations as they wished to a jar set up at the bar for the RED DOOR SHELTER.   Key to success is it's owners with a big heart and concern for their community.   If you support your community they will in turn support you.

I commend all of the Rock Lobster staff for their friendliness and their big hearts.

I was waffling if I was going to go because at 10am it was pouring rain and a BBQ outside in the rain isn't exactly a good idea.  But magically it stopped raining just before 11am and the sky opened up and the sun started shining bright at just the right time for me to leave to get there in time for their start of the day.   Mother nature likes FREE BBQ's it seems.    So I made a quick decision to head down and meet up with a couple of friends.   The plan was to meet for lunch there and then head over to Word on the Street.    While the weather was dark and stormy in the morning and then it started raining at about 8pm it was a beautiful sun shining day all day for the BBQ and Word on the Street.   That's what I call good timing.    I also managed to squeeze in a FREE movie of Dr. Cabbie at the Bloor Cinema after the Word on the Street Festival so the Universe aligned for a good day.... in comparison to my flooded kitchen sink day the day before.   I still can't cook or wash dishes but at least I enjoyed my day yesterday in the sun while it's still here.

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Thank you ROCKLOBSTER staff for starting my day off with some great food.   I hope to see you again for your 2nd year anniversary and many more locations too.   P.S.  think about expanding to NORTH YORK where a cool resto is badly needed.

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  1. Too bad my friend Linda did not mention to me that this BBQ was happening. It would have been nice to attend. No worries, I live in the east end and can pop down there another day.


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