Friday, September 26, 2014

[Product Review] les Anis de Flavigny candies

I received some new candies to sample recently.  They are called Les Anis de Flavigny.  

Since 1591, Les Anis de Flavigny have been made int he Flavigny village of France using the original recipe developed my monks.

Each candy contains a real aniseed, which hold a warm, spicy flavour and an aromatic scent. The aniseed is gradually enrobed in delicately flavoured liquid sugar over the course of two weeks to produce the smooth pearl like candy - a process called "dragée"

They are free from all artificial colorings, sweeteners, flavorings, preservatives and GM ingredients.  They come in 7 all-natural flavours such as anise, orange blossom, mint, liquorice, rose and violet. 

Beautiful illustrations on the packaging tell an evolving love story of a shepherd and shepherdess. Sharing a candy that holds an aniseed has traditionally been a symbol of love, happiness and fertility.

The factory has been owned and operated by the Troubat family since 1923 and continues to operate on the traditions of the abbey’s monks.

They were first produced several hundred years ago and are produced by hand. They are home-made in a family owned factory of 30 people and produced in the old abbey of Flavigny-sur Ozerain.  The village only has 300 people that live there and is listed as one of the hundred prettiest villages in France.

You can picture yourself sitting in a garden with some lovely ladies sipping tea and having some of these delicious candies.

They come in 2 sizes,  a 50g Tin and in pocket sized boxes.

If you like Anise or licorice flavour you will love these candies.  They are the perfect after dinner candy.  Most Indian restaurants have candy coated colored anise seeds that they give you at the end of the meal because they aid in digestion and they also cleanse you palate of the strong food flavours you may have just eaten.

The advantage of these candies is that they don't have any artificial additives or food coloring and they don't have a chemical aftertaste that you might find in artificial candies.

They come in beautiful boxes that slip nicely into your purse or pocket.

They are available in Ontario at Pusateri's, Goodness Me and Denninger's.
The retail price is $2.49 to $3.99.

For more information about the Company visit their Website:
Their information Hotline is 450-600-5528

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  1. I loved them when I was A Kid. especially when you get that strong taste once you reach the anis Seed...


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