Wednesday, September 17, 2014

KitchenAid's Culinary Showdown Event

KitchenAid is gearing up for another year of it's Culinary Showdown event on November 29th at the All Stream Centre to benefit the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.  

Last year I registered to fundraise to be able to participate in the Culinary Showdown but fell short on my fundraising and only raised $200 which earned me a White KitchenAid apron but I was shooting for enough to participate in the Event and join one of a bunch of great Food Network Celebrity Chefs teams that competed with the top fundraisers.  You need to raise $2500 to be able to participate in the Showdown but if you raise $1000 you are able to attend.  I would really like to fundraise again but I need everyone's financial support to reach the $2500 goal.  But imagine how much money they can raise in one night if every participant raises $2500.

Where else but on a Food Network television show can you have 5 Amazing Chefs help you cook an amazing meal to serve to fundraisers who raise funds for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

Some of the confirmed chefs this year are the great Mark McEwan, Susur Lee, Vikram Vij, Lynn Crawford and Corbin Tomaczeski.  

I was invited to one of the pre events where they introduce the event and register people to participate.   With me not working right now I wasn't able to register at the event as there is a $75 registration fee which covers the cost of participation.

A breast Cancer survivor named Molly made a very touching and heart felt speech about her experience through her Cancer treatments to her joining the Run for the Cure.

The cocktail event was a lot of fun with Chef Mark McEwan and Chef Corbin in attendance.  Chef Lynn Crawford was scheduled to attend but had some car trouble and didn't make it.   There were many food bloggers and Gastroposter's in attendance.  I met a lot of Gastroposters that I hadn't met before and there were a lot of blogger friends there as well so it was a nice party atmosphere.  It was held on the 7th floor of the Bay surrounded by all the KitchenAid products including the limited edition Raspberry colored Kitchen Aid stand mixer where some of the proceeds goes to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

When we arrived we mixed and mingled and munched on some really great appetizers provided by Longo's I believe.

Then a bunch of us joined each Chefs team to see which team could produce the longest pasta noodle.  I joined Chef Mark McEwan's team.   They both struggled to get the pasta started but it seems like Chef Mark had a bit more trouble.  Corbin managed to get his pasta going smoothly and had a really long and smooth pasta line and he won the challenge.   Last year Chef McEwan won so I guess it's only fair for Chef Corbin to win this time.  It was all in good fun anyway.

If you want to sponsor me or someone else or if you want to fundraise and participate yourself you can get more information here: Culinary Showdown

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