Thursday, April 17, 2014

Good Food and Drink Show in Toronto

The Good Food and Drink Show in Toronto

The Good Food and Drink Show just happened in Toronto this April and I was lucky to be able to attend it on the final day of the Festival.  I am sure it was probably the quietest day of the Festival but it was still a lot of fun with Vikram Vij and Mairlyn Smith in attendance.

Vikram Vij is the Rockstar of the West Coast Vancouver Indian Restaurant World and Internationally too.  He is also now going to be a Dragon on the Dragon's Den.  He is a Chef and and Entrepreneur with a line of frozen Indian Foods.  I hope to get my hands on some one of these days.

Vikram was there to do a demo and sign his latest cookbook.  I got my hands on a copy of it and hopefully will make some new Indian Food Recipes soon.

Mairlyn Smith from Cityline and Breakfast Television and everywhere there is food, was on hand to keep things moving and I think she moved more than anything else.  She was like the stand up comic side to the busy cooking chefs on stage.  Always fun watching her.  Vikram made a chicken curry but unfortunately we didn't get to taste it.

I also stuck around to see Terry from Top Chef Canada make some interesting Trout and Smoked Potatoes.  He couldn't say who won Top Chef but he did mention how intense the whole filming of it was.  We did get to try a spoonful of a dulce de lece pudding that was really good.

Fellow Dragon's Den Powerhouse Arlene Dickenson was also roaming around checking out booths and supporting her own large favourite picks that she supports from the show.

There was a food truck Alley where I ended my food tasting with a new Mexican Taco food truck where I tried a trio of tacos and then moved on to the Pancho's Bakery truck for a freshly made Churro for my last bite.   I started my day off with Indian Food having a really great Samosa and ended with Mexican Food.  That's the way I like it.

It wasn't a huge show in comparison to some others but it was fairly well rounded with some great vendors.   The ME.N.U booth was surrounded when I walked by later in the day so I am sure they sold a lot of rice balls.  These guys are becoming very popular on the local pop up food scene in Toronto and I think they are working on getting a food truck going.  I think they will have that rolling around Toronto in the not too distant future.

I sampled some tasty cheeses, some Chai Tea, and some yummy Salted Caramel ice cream from Kawartha Dairy.    It doesn't sound like all this food would sit well in my stomach but I guess my stomach was ready for a food adventure.

I hope to see it grow and have more vendors showing off some new things next year.

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