Friday, April 25, 2014

Food Films to see at the Hot Docs Film Festival

This week my 2 worlds collide when I will be spending lot's of time at the Hot Docs Film Festival in Toronto.  I will be one of those people selling you tickets at the theatre box office and on my free time I will be checking out these 2 Food Related Documentaries.

1.  FED UP


Go see these films and a few other Film Related movies at Hot Docs this week.   Spread the word.
If you go see one of these films you will likely see me sitting in the theatre watching intently.

The Hot Docs Documentary Film Festival is one of the largest documentary festivals in the world and screens some really great films that you may or may not have a chance to see anywhere else.   If you care about your food go see these films but if there are other issues you are concerned about there are probably films about that or you can also see a documentary about Alice Cooper, Big Bird or George Takei or even the Iron Sheik.   check it out... see you there.. don't forget to say hi if you see me at one of the box offices.

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