Saturday, April 13, 2013

Shark Fin Soup - The dumbest Food on the Planet

I love Food but Shark Fin Soup is one of the Dumbest Foods you can eat in the World.   I have never had it and never will.

Why is it dumb?

Well,  why would you want to eat a soup that the main ingredient is harvested from Sharks and only the fins are used the the rest of the Shark is tossed back into the water dead or alive.  Shark fins are now sold on the Black Market.
This is what they look like when they are harvested... Appealing?  I think NOT.

Filmmaker Rob Stewart has been on a mission to stop the culture of people wanting to eat this so called "delicacy" and change what it does to our planet in the process.
Rob Stewart first documentary SHARKWATER came out a few year's ago and he thought that what he learned from making that film was shocking and wasteful and has been on a mission to help inspire people to make a change that can affect the eco systems of the world.   He found that he was only scratching the tip of the iceberg with Sharkwater and his journey continued with the just released Documentary REVOLUTION.  It is in theatres now.  I encourage you to go and see it.   I saw it at the Toronto International Film Festival and I was blown away by how shocking it is and also how beautiful it was at the same time.  A totally inspiring film.  You will see the power that kids have in changing the future of the world they will grow up in.   Sharks are not as dangerous and scary as people think and they have an impact on our eco system.  Every species has a specific job to maintain the eco balance of the world.  When Sharks are dumped back into the ocean dead or alive it offsets the ecosystems of the waters.   You don't live in an area that has Sharks?  But if you think of the Food System Chain somewhere down the food chain Sharks will effect what you end up eating one way or another... whether it is by a fish you do eat or by the water you drink.  The water, the air and the land is all connected to what goes into us.  That's why it is important for you to give S*%T.

Check out the trailer here:

Today I went to see Rob Stewart speak at the Green Living Show in Toronto and was inspired by his passion and his resolve to make a difference.


1.  Watch Sharkwater and go see Revolution in the Theatres and take your friends.   Show them this trailer.

2.  Tell your friends on Facebook and Twitter.  The Twitter handle for the movie is @film_revolution

3.  Don't eat Shark Fin Soup and don't support restaurants that do.

4.  If Shark Fin soup isn't banned where you live then tell your local politicians that you want it to be banned and get all of your friends to send letters and call them.   If enough people complain they have to do something.

5.  Know where your food comes from and who produces it.

I hope this film gets nominated for an Academy Award next year so that a Whole Lot of People will go see it.   It had one of the best opening day numbers for a documentary but it needs to keep getting people in those seats to support the film.

They have set up an indie gogo campaign to develop an App that will help you do the right thing when it comes to buying things and supporting things and making the right choices.   If you are able to support them there then that can make a difference as well.

This film was one of the best films I watched at the Toronto International Film Festival this past September and I hope that a lot more people can get to see it in the theatres now.

Support a documentary that can fix our planet.

Why am I supporting this??   Because I have a food blog because I care about the food we eat, and I also make films with my company Integrity Films and support people who make documentaries that can make a difference.   Rob Stewart is a filmmaker with Integrity... and since my film company is called Integrity Films I want to support someone like Rob and see that his work continues.


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  2. Thank you for reading my blog and posting these comments. I am happy for anyone to research more information for themselves. I am not a marine biologist but I do know that Harvesting only the fins from Sharks is a great waste of natural resources.


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