Saturday, April 6, 2013

Cookbooks and Cakes - 30 years at the Cookbook Store

I dropped into the Cookbook Store today for their 30th Year Anniversary.  That's a HUGE Milestone for a Bookstore in Toronto or anywhere these days.   The thing is that they only sell cookbooks.  The Cookbook Store is a fixture on the Yonge Street strip across from the Reference Library and just around the Yorkville area of Toronto.

 Alison Fryer the owner is somewhat of a Cookbook Author champion and the best PR person for celebrity chefs we have in this city.  I see Alison everywhere these days,  George Brown College for Chef's cookbook launches,  Word on the Street where there are cookbook author chats, and on shows like Cityline and Breakfast television showing off drool worth cookbooks.
Today was especially fun because some of the best bakers in Toronto sent over a bunch of cakes to celebrate the store's 30 year milestone.   Former employees and fans of the store dropped in to wish them another 30 years plus of success.

There were so many cakes that were too beautiful to cut,  like these ones from George Brown and All the Best Fine Foods, and One.

Also in attendance were Chef J.P. Chalet from Ici Bistro and Le Matin bakery.   And I spotted Marion Kane who was having sugar overload and Chef Higgins from George Brown College who has taught so many of the Chefs in this city.
James Cunningham the host of the Food Network show EAT ST. popped in to sign his Eat St. Cookbook and he took lot's of photos with everyone including me. He was super nice to everyone.  Eat St. is one of the shows that I watch on Food Network that makes me want to eat my TV.
It was a fun afternoon of Cake and Cookbooks and chatting with people that love to cook and love to eat.   I wish they would do an Open House like that every year.
I picked up a copy of the Eat St. Cookbook so the next time I watch the show and want to eat something I see at least I will have the recipes.
It was a fun afternoon at the Shop and I only tasted a couple of things in case you were wondering.   I picked up one of my friend Adell's little cookies to go and I tried the Croquembouche.. this one on the left.  It was delicious.  Reminded me of  something my mom's friend would make for special occasions as a kid.  My mom's friend's were all French so this was normal for them.

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