Monday, April 15, 2013

Looking for Local food at the Green Living Show

Denise Livotti owner of Petits Chefs Academy in Vaughan and I visit the Green Living Show at the Direct Energy Centre in Toronto to chat with Agatha Podgorski of the Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance about supporting local farmers and chefs from all over Ontario.

Agatha and Denise
 Foodland Ontario presented the Culinary Adventure Pavillion section at the Green Living Show  this year.

"The Ontario Culinary Adventure Pavilion raises awareness of the environmental and health benefits of choosing fresh, sustainable and local farm foods all year round, and showcases Ontario’s unique culinary tourism industry".

I wanted to connect food and being green and how the 2 things are in sync.

Denise and I tried some of the food that was presented at the show and found it all very delicious.

There were also lots of teas, hot sauces and other various food samples at the show to try.

Perch Tacos from Hooked
Bacon buttertarts by Madelyn's Diner
Porchetta sandwiches from Niagara Speciality Foods
Orange soda braised turkey on a bun from Port Restaurant

Chocolate from Chocosol

One booth that I really liked was the TerraCycle booth where they had rows of plastic containers containing things that can't normally get recycled but they have set up a service for consumers to send a box of specific items to them free of charge and they recycle them into products like bags etc.  All of those juice boxes and shampoo bottles can have a second life now and not sit in landfills that are ever mounting around the globe.  

I enjoy going to the show to see new and innovative products that combine great design and a practical approach to making things better in the future.

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