Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Food Revolution Day -in Toronto

Stand Up for Real Food on MAY 19th

This coming Saturday I will be a Food Revolution Ambassador hopping around the GTA filming, cooking and participating in Food Revolution Day Events.

Starting with a Cooking Demo at The Stop's Farmer's Market at the Wychwood Barns where chef Christine Tizzard will be demonstrating free healthy food demos to the Farmer's Market attendees.  I will pop in to film a bit of video of the event.

Next I will try and pop into Mardi's Pass it on Cooking class at the Kitchen Studio at the Cookbook Store where I will take some photos and video.

The next destination will be at the Petits Chef's Academy to film their event and also to film Logan a 3 year old boy who is the son of The Eco Losers.  The Eco Losers are Heather and Paul who are trying to lose weight while reducing their eco footprints.  They want to create a better world for their son Logan.  He has shown an interest in cooking but not so much in the eating so they want to encourage his interest and have him participate in a free hands on cooking class at the academy.  I will be there to film him in his future chef training for the Eco Losers Documentary.  There are still a few spots available if you have some budding mini chefs.

And finally I will be hosting my own Dinner Party where I will make some great Vegetarian Lasagna and some fresh market salads using some of Jamie Oliver's line of Pasta and sauces.

I am one of a team of GTA Ambassadors trying to spread the message to people all over to Get Real and get back to cooking real food and spread the word to pass it on to everyone you know.

For more information and to host or join an event go to the website at

This is Adell who is one of the GTA Ambassador's who has been working tirelessly to host an Event for new mom's and has also been instrumental in the GTA team getting events off the ground by helping everyone to get things they need for their events.


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