Thursday, May 31, 2012

Farm to city to people

The great thing about summer in Toronto are the Outdoor Farmer's Markets.  Today was the second time this week that I visited a farmer's market in the city.  This time I got as Green as I could get by walking to the market.  What I would really love is a market within walking distance that was 100% organic.  This market is a small one because it's at Mel Lastman Square on Yonge street so there isn't a lot of space for the vendors and trucks but they do have a nice variety of things anyway.    I started my day with my breakfast/lunch of 5 perogies and a cabbage roll for $5.00.  Take that fast food.   It's a little weird being able to see a Russian vendor in the middle of a city farmer's market but that really shows the diversity in this city.  I also picked up some key lime hand soap with no phosphates etc in it.  I also got a clean stick that you rub on clothing to remove stains.
Then of course what I went for were the vegetables.  I have to say that not all things are bargains but you can find decent prices on somethings.  I picked up a romaine salad for $2.   I also picked up some vine ripened tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, fresh peas, asparagus and even some meringues from a lovely bakery vendor.

This is the 1st official week in Toronto that most of the farmer's markets have opened for the summer and there is a different one every week in different locations.  You can find the list on the Toronto Farmers Markets website or on the City of Toronto Special events listings.  The other thing I really love about the farmer's markets is the fact that you can see the farm truck parked next to the vendors in some cases and you know where your food has come from.  If you can walk or bike to a market close to where you live and the farm trucks don't have to drive from outside of GTA then a whole lot more oil/gas isn't being burned in the process and a considerable amount of emissions are being saved from being deposited into the environment.  I was able to walk today.  I am going to try and go to a different farmer's market around the city at least once a week and do a little comparison and also to share the wealth.  We need to support the farmers and the best way is to buy from them directly and not through a huge grocery store that has to add a distributor and warehouse and long distance transport to the mix.  In Canada we can't go to farmer's markets every week but I would suggest that you try and make it to as many of them as you can while they are open.  You thank the farmers and vendors directly with your money and with your presence.   Without them there is no food.  We need to keep this precious resource alive and keep the farms able to be sustainable for years to come.  If you don't want to eat 100% Genetically modified food in the next 10 years then we need to show the people that are responsible for our food that doing the right thing matters.

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  1. Great post! I love my farmer's markets and try to frequent them at least once a week during the May - December period. Lucky duck, you found meringues! I have been searching everywhere for them here in London ON!


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