Sunday, May 13, 2012

Birthday Cake

Have you ever spent your birthday with friends and family where food wasn't involved?  I think the only way to avoid the decadent Birthday Cake is to spend you birthday alone on a desert island..not dessert island because that would be bad.

Yesterday was my birthday so my friends bought me cake.  I had chocolate cake twice in one night.  The first one was a slice of cake at the restaurant we went to for dinner.  It was average so I passed it around.  Then my friend got this little chocolate cake.  It was so cute.  It was a Pusateri's cake.  I was so glad it was a tiny cake because there was only 4 of us around to have this cake.  It was extremely rich and decadent.  I still have one piece left for a cake craving and my friend took a piece home.  I hate it when you have to buy a huge Birthday cake but there are only a few people around to eat it so you either gorge yourself to the point of never wanting to eat cake again or it just goes stale and goes to waste.   More bakers should make cakes this size.  It could be 4 huge slices or 6 comfortable slices which I preferred.   No waste.

I really felt the cake over kill by the end of the night and was really glad I only had a couple of bites of the first cake.

I had cake again today at a book signing and was thinking that I was really glad that I saw most of my friends already so I don't have to repeat the cake gorging.   The advantage of having a small family is that you don't have cake all the time so you can appreciate it when you do.

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