Saturday, July 16, 2011

Packed up kitchen

I am moving next week and I am downsizing from a 3 bedroom house to a 1 bedroom apartment so that means cut the kitchen in half because I won't have a basement to store things like crockpots, and party items and such. But what it has also meant to me lately is that I am having a really hard time cooking and eating in the house while in the middle of things being packed. I have a lot of kitchen things so it's not like I can pack the day before so I have had to pack most of my stuff except the dishes and cutlery and a few pots and pans that I am not taking with me. So it's been a challenge trying to figure out what to eat since I really can't cook very much since I am also trying to eat all the food in the pantry, fridge and cupboards. I am finding it's just easier to do take out at this time. My brother will still be living in the house a week after I leave so I will just leave the perishable food that's left for him to deal with and leave him paper plates and the things I am not taking. But the paring down of items and the having all of my kitchen gadgets packed away in a box is difficult because I can't make a Spanish omelet at the whim of a craving because something that would normally take about 10 minutes becomes an exercise in digging and excavating the items needed to make such a meal. I am very lucky that I am moving to a place where there are 3 restaurants and a food court in the building so I don't have to worry about what I will eat when I move and have time to get my kitchen in order.

It's the transition between all the things in the kitchen that you need to make a good meal and the setting up of a brand new kitchen space that's difficult.

So the only solution I have come up with is Take Out... or go out with friends for dinner if I can.... but it will all be back to normal very soon and I will be able to start posting recipes that I have cooked again.

wish me luck in my kitchen moving nightmare.

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