Saturday, July 2, 2011

Backyard Grilling

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I have sold my house and I will be doing a big downsize to a 1 bedroom apartment. One of the things I will miss will be being able to have a charcoal backyard BBQ anytime the weather is nice. There is nothing better than grilled meat and vegetables to bring out the best flavour.

Spring and early summer are the best time of year for some of my favourite foods..... corn & asparagus, and grilling them really kicks up the taste of them. Since I will be out of my house within an month and the weather was beautiful for Canada Day I decided to invite two girlfriends over for maybe one of the last bbq's I will have in the backyard of my house. you know what they say you don't know what you will miss until it's gone. 2 things I know I will miss is charcoal bbq's and my washer/dryer in my house.

My friends had a great time and we even made an attempt at making some smores to top it all off. It was a great meal of greek style marinated chicken, asparagus, baby potatoes, corn and some yellow beets. That's what I call a great summer meal.

So I am thinking I may have to invest in a little electric grill so I can still have the feel of a bbq but it's not quite the same as watching a huge flame shoot out of a pile of charcoal briquettes. it took us an hour to light the coals because I think the old bag was damp so I had to go to 3 stores to find some in my area...tough on a holiday long weekend.. but we managed to get it all cooked by 7pm so we still did pretty well with cooking it all up.

Grill away.. whatever you like... the new trend is to grill things like pineapple and peaches and to grill all kinds of things you wouldn't normally do ...even things like Pizza.. although I have never attempted that one.

Find a few friends.. buy a bag of charcoal.. find a good bbq and toss whatever food you fancy on the grill and enjoy.

It's summer so enjoy it while you can.

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