Saturday, July 9, 2011

Cooking Gadget addiction

I admit it.. I have an addiction...not to drugs or alcohol but to Kitchen Gadgets I haven't been cooking much lately because I have sold my house and have to downsize to a 1 bedroom apartment... you guessed it... that means I have to sacrifice pantry and kitchen stuff storage. It's so hard for a foodie to do that. What if I want to whip up some last minute craving and I don't have the tools to make whatever it is. You never know when you decide you want to have an impromptu fondue party and need a bunch of skewers.. it happens.. well in my world it might. So my challenge has been to pare down to necessities including things like kitchen gadgets. I had drawers full of stuff that my mother would buy cause she couldn't find something or I would do the same because the thing I always used got buried somewhere in the jumbled gadget drawer. Yes I admit that I had 3 ice cream scoops... 1 is just cool looking,, one doesn't release and one is so so.. So which one did I keep? The cool one...does the job and still looks cool.

So I emptied all my drawers full of stuff onto the kitchen table and started sorting the multiples and triplicates and then pulled out the best and only used tools and was still left with a huge pile... then I passed that on to my brother and he pulled out stuff he needs...and still left with a huge pile of space sucking kitchen gadgets.

So I was thinking... why do we buy these things? why am I addicted to cool kitchen gadgets. Is it the promise to make your life better and easier in the kitchen or are they just so shiny and nice in the store that you can't walk away from them if you are a foodie? I don't know but I plan to try and go through my own 12 step program and break my kitchen gadget buying addiction and try and get down to using the basic tools like proper knives and using old school knife skills. but some things do just make life in the kitchen a bit easier... I have one of those things that cuts and cores an apple in 5 seconds flat.. what i like about that is perfectly matched slices so if you want to cook and present it in some way at least you know that they are all the same size... yes I kept that gadget... and probably way too many others.... but I hope to put them to good use in a properly organized and efficient kitchen. I plan on putting a lot of thought into the organization of my kitchen cupboards and drawers when I move in so there is no room for dissapearing tools and pantry items... let's hope I can keep it that way.. My achilles heel is right in the same building... Yes a Winners is in the same building as where I am moving to where you can get constantly changing shiny kitchen objects at great prices... I know that will spell trouble for me... cooking some elaborate recipe and need a spatula.. ok run downstairs in my flip flops in the dead of winter and pick one up... OH boy i can see it now... I may have to go to kichen gadget rehab... Stop me if you see me in these stores drooling over all the shiny things... you will be doing me a big favour.

This photo above is the pile that now has to be donated to goodwill or something... don't let me do this again.

My name is Linda and I am a gadget shopaholic.....

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