Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Friday afternoon Krispy Kreme Donut Party


It started out as a simple idea.  Krispy Kreme were celebrating their 80th Anniversary and to celebrate this BIG Milestone they had a deal for each Dozen donuts you purchase you could get another dozen for 80 Cents.  WOW that's a great deal.  But I had a feeling there would be a long line around the block and I wouldn't have the time to wait to get some but I mentioned it on social media to another friend who works closer to the location in our area.  To my surprise someone from Krispy Kreme contacted me to have some boxes set aside for pickup and to contact their team to arrange it.

I requested 2 dozen and the other 2 dozen at 80 cents each.   I thought it would be a great thing to share with my co-workers on a Friday afternoon when energy and patience wares thin.  I couldn't leave the office so I asked one of my coworkers if he could pick it up and he agreed.

We arranged for him to go to the store at 11am and speak to the contact person provided by their Social media people.   My coworker arrived and then called me to tell me that they didn't have enough donuts but he paid for 2 boxes and they gave him vouchers for another time.   I told him to take the donuts in the meantime and we would figure things out.   2 Dozen isn't much for an office with staff of about 70 people.   What was I going to do.   I contacted the person I had been dealing with and he said that they still had the 4 boxes originally set aside and there must have been a mixup at the counter.   By this time my coworker had gone for his lunch break but I managed to reach him by cell phone and he was about half way between the office and Krispy Kreme so he went back to pick up the rest of the donuts.  Now he had 4 boxes of donuts to bring back to the office and they didn't charge him anything for those donuts.   I should say that our Director agreed to pay out of his own pocket to cover the cost of the donuts for everyone because he is a super generous guy and I thought this would make everyone happy.   OH YES it DID.   When my coworker returned for the second time he almost got jumped for those donuts.   He barely got them to my desk before the hungry masses started circling my cubicle.   I let him choose first since he really went out of his way and didn't even get lunch because of returning the second time.   I told the hovering hungry people to wait until I at least sent out a mass email to let everyone know.   This was supposed to be my surprise for everyone.

I must say that those Krispy Kreme donuts really had a great impact on the happiness of the staff.  They perfumed my cubicle for a little while until I decided to move them to a table outside of the kitchen which is sort of a free for all to share table.

I walked by a few times checking the status of the boxes and slowly we whittled down boxes one by one.  At first I was worried that 6 dozen donuts would get wasted because I originally only planned for 4 dozen.  But by the time I left the office at 6pm they all disappeared.

I must say my coworker must have worked up a big appetite running back and forth because he scarfed down a total of 8 donuts that afternoon.   We went through 6 dozen donuts from about 2pm to 6pm on a friday afternoon.

Do you think we have a bit of a problem?   All I know is everyone enjoyed it and it put a smile on a lot of people's faces.  I am not sure they would have had the same reaction if I brought in a bushel of apples.  We did that before.  Much different reaction.

Well even though it's not the healthiest thing, I looked at it more as a mental health break which people over look but we are leading the way in trying to find ways to deal with it.

Thank you Krispy Kreme for sorting out your customer service and taking care of our office.

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