Sunday, July 23, 2017

Captain's Boil Pirate Ship Party

AYE Matey!


Event:               Captain's Boil Pirate Ship Party
Location:          Queen's Quay
Date:                July 5, 2017
Reason:            Lobster Roll & Bisque Launch

Have you ever been on a Pirate Ship?  No,  well I can say I have now.  I got a chance to board a Pirate Ship for a party hosted by the Captain's Boil to launch their new Lobster Bisque and Lobster Rolls in their restaurants.  The Captain's Boil Chain have 22 locations in Canada and 16 in Ontario.  I haven't had the chance to dine at one of the restaurants yet but I hope to soon, so this was my first taste of their food.

If you are not familiar with their restaurants their concept is to choose your seafood choice and then you choose your flavours, the heat and add ons and sides and they take your seafood choices and boil it in a bag and serve it to you with the bag and all the juices from the boiled seafood and flavours.

They also have a sizzling plate combo that you can order.

The items that I tried on the Pirate Ship were their new Lobster Bisque.  I enjoyed the bisque, it was very mild though.  They also served up bags of drinks with straws.  I had the Soju lemonade.   There were also mini Lobster rolls with bacon.  They were ok but I think a little lemon and a squirt of mayo and some seasoning would have boosted the flavour.

It was a perfect night to hang out on a Pirate Ship though.  It's too bad we were just docked because it would have been fun to cruise around Lake Ontario in a Pirate Ship.   Although their locations aren't on a boat so if you want to try their food you will have to check out one of their restaurants soon.  There are a few more opening soon to check out.  

*Disclaimer- The food and drink was provided by the Captain's Boil but the opinions and photos are my own.

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