Sunday, April 9, 2017

Culinary Adventure Co. Brunch Food Tour

I had an opportunity to join one of Culinary Adventure Tour's walking Tours recently.   I was able to choose from a few different tours and I chose to join their Brunch Tour of Queen and King Street West in Toronto.  Some of my favourite food places in Toronto are in that area but because it's not near where I live or work I don't get a chance to go as often as I would like to.  This was a great way to hit a bunch of places in one day and sample a lot of different bites.  Although I might call it the Carb tour because we had a lot of carb foods.  They jokingly called it the "diet tour" (not) but you do burn off calories while walking to each location.  We were super lucky that the weather was perfect that day.  It was sunny and clear and the perfect temperature for walking so I was super happy about that.  It always makes it more enjoyable when you can stroll around in comfortable weather.
The group I was with were mostly Food Bloggers and Instagrammers, although I have never met any of them before so some may be new to the scene or I just haven't crossed paths with them before.  There are so many Foodies in Toronto of varying degrees of seriousness from the odd Instagram of Food destinations to serious Bloggers who do it all.

We visited 6 locations and I will break it down in order of the tour we took.  They may not always do the same locations and order depending on the businesses but this was the tour we took.  They also have some special tours coming up for Canada's 150 Celebrations.  There will be a lot of new summer tours as well so you will want to keep checking their website for details.  They have also partnered with Meal Share a great organization that provided food to people in need with partnerships with Restaurants.  When you are on your walking tour you are actually doing some good for people that are in need so it's a great thing.

Culinary walking tours are a great thing to do when you don't know a city well.  If you travel and don't have a lot of time it's a great way to see recommended spots quickly.  For people like me who live in the city of the tour it's a great way to do a food crawl with new people and get curated food and because it's all pre arranged you are in and out quickly, no waiting in lines for a table or waiting to order your food.  It's a pretty efficient way to pack a lot in a short time.  Although I knew every location we went to I hadn't had a chance to get to a couple of them before.

Here is the recap of the Brunch Tour:

Stop 1.    PORTLAND VARIETY - Home of my favourite chocolate chip cookie and we paired it                      with a great coffee.

Stop 2.    LAMESA -  We were able to have a sit down plated Brunch dish of a fried egg, greens,                        potato hash and a chorizo patty.  We also had a Calamansi Mimosa.

Stop 3.    NORTH OF BROOKLYN - A well known Pizza place in Queen West.
               We had a great slice of white pizza.

Stop 4.    CUMBRAES - They are meat mecca in Toronto.  I have gone to other locations but this                      Queen Street location is huge and has a lot more than the other locations.  
               We enjoyed a piece of thinly sliced Parma Prociutto there.

Stop 5.    SUD FORNO - They are known in to the Queen Street hipsters for their authentic
               baked goods.   We sampled the Nutella mini Bomboloni - An Italian donut.

Stop 6.    DELYSEES - The best stop was the last stop.  I have been craving well made
               French pastries for a while and have been wanting to visit Delysees for a long time.
               It's owned by a French chef who looks for French trained chefs to hire for authentic pastries.
               We sampled their excellent light and buttery croissants and were in heaven looking at their                  works of art in their eclairs, macarons and other cakes and pastries.

EVERY BITE TELLS A STORY  #everybitetellsastory - Culinary Adventure Co.

This Tour was the King & Queen West Brunch Tour.  

It runs on SUNDAYS
11:00 AM to 2:00 PM
$99 /pp + HST
To book your spot or to see what other tours you can take:
*Disclaimer:  The tour was complimentary but the opinions and photos are my own.

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