Thursday, March 9, 2017

Great Big Crunch - Today for Food in Schools

I really suck at Selfies but I wanted to participate in the GREAT BIG CRUNCH for Food Share Toronto because they do good work bringing food to kids that need it in Toronto schools.

By taking this really bad selfie of myself and adding the Hashtag #GreatBigCrunch and #BrightWayForward and posting this at 2:30pm on Thursday March 9th, 2017,  I join a whole bunch of other people that want to make a difference in the lives of kids in schools today and tomorrow.

It's an easy thing.  Get your fruit and take a Big Bite and post it.. and with that done Tangerine Bank will donate $10 per post to schools for food for their students.

As a Food Revolution Ambassador this is the kind of thing I like to support because it could mean the difference in a kid being able to concentrate in school or not and falling behind.

No biggie for me but a big thing for a kid in need.

So Get Crunching or donate to FoodShare Toronto so they can continue the great work that they do.

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