Sunday, October 30, 2016

Halloween Fun Ideas

Halloween is that time of year when the weather gets a bit crazy and the thoughts of all kinds of candy treats start rushing through our heads whether you are a kid or an adult.

But the pressure is on to come up with a clever costume and decorate a pumpkin well and make sure you have the best treats.

Well here are a few ideas I gathered at my office Halloween Pumpkin Carving Challenge.

1st.  Let's talk Pumpkins.

Sadly the pumpkin that was my idea but impressed my boss and her boss but didn't win because shall we say it got Trumped!..

Here is my team's pumpkin.   The SCARY FIERI

As soon as I saw this was happening I knew we didn't stand a chance.  My co-workers put their creative thinking caps on and came up with the clever spin of a "TRUMPKIN' .. yeah we got Trumped.

Oh well it was all to raise money for the United Way so we are all winners as they say except for Trump maybe.

2nd.  Now let's get to the FOOD

We had a potluck and I must say we have some diverse tastes in our mix.
There were beets,  some kind of chicken or bird feet, samosas, quail eggs, and falafels and more.

I knew I wouldn't have time to cook so I did some assembling.  This is a great way to make something quick or in advance.

The easy and healthy way is to take Mandarin oranges and peel them and I just stuck a pretzel in the middle for the stem.  That's it.  You will see this all over pintrest using various things.

I also took pudding cups and dumped them in individual clear cups, you can use mason jars or put in in one casserole dish but I thought it would be easier for people to just grab one and go.  Then I topped it with crushed chocolate wafer cookies and tucked a sour pumpkin gummy and gummy worms on top.  That's it.  Pretty simple and also all over the internet.  These aren't original but they are great when you don't have much time.

My clever co-workers took the same Mandarin oranges and drew faces,  I thought about doing this but went for the stripped version.   Then they found little accessories to put on them.
How cute are these?

Part of my prop for my Scary Fieri was a bowl of Popcorn, skittles and caramel eyeballs.  I wanted the eyeballs to float on top of the bowl.  They were all gone by the end of the day so I guess it worked.

I thought these chocolate chip cookies were pretty fun too, made by another co-worker.  I must say we are a creative group.

As for a Costume... we didn't wear costumes because we were busy pumpkin carving but tomorrow is costume day...   I don't know if I will wear mine at work but will put it on after work to make my favourite 2 year old smile...  Hint... it's food related... I may update this to add a photo later.. will see...

I hope some of these ideas are helpful and give you some ideas to work with.  There are so many creative and fun ideas out there,  you just need to see what you can do.


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