Saturday, September 24, 2016

Meet the Makers of your Food

Food Bloggers of Canada organized an event on Sept. 22nd to showcase local food Entrepreneurs at Food Starter, a commercial kitchen where people can go to create their products and get much needed help getting started in their food production journey.  A few Food Bloggers of Canada members and I got all decked out in lab coats and hair nets to check out the space and the vendors.  I always like to give new entrepreneurs a bit of help because it's a tough job getting things out to the market with the thousands of new things coming out all the time and the competitors chomping at the bit to take their share of the market.
Try and support local vendors and give them a chance to grow.

 I have been to a couple of events similar to this where new food producers gather together to showcase their products.  It's an efficient way to get the word out to a lot of people in a short amount of time.  I have never been to Food Starter before and wasn't really aware of what they did until touring the facility and meeting all of the local food vendors.  I guess I am always on the hunt to showcase new producers because I had already seen a few of the vendors at other shows and events and had sampled some of their food before.  There were a few new people to the game and new products.

One of the best things I sampled was actually Bone Broth from Broya which is stored in glass jars, I would say enough for 1 to 2 servings.  This was something I was really interested in because Bone Broth takes a lot of ingredients and a whole lot of cooking time to get it right.  I tried the chicken flavour and it was delicious.  I would totally buy a product like this because it would save a whole lot of time and it's one of the healthiest things you can have quickly.

I was also interested in a food production model from ModGarden that will let you grow food in your home with almost no skills and not much effort.  You just add organic soil and seeds and fill with water and plug it in and it will water when the soil needs it.  Kind of non green thumb idiot proof.  Perfect for me because I always kill my herbs before I get to use them.

Another interesting products was the sauces and spices from Brawta Caribbean Sauces.  They are the healthier version of the sauces and spices that their competition Grace makes.  Gluten free, low sodium, no added sugar and no animal products.  They have a lot of trainers that are on board for their clients to flavour that bland chicken they tell them to eat.

And a delicious sweet bite came from Mary's Brigadeiro,  high quality hand dipped chocolates.  I have seen these at a few festivals.  They make great gifts,  delicious and beautiful.

We sampled a whole bunch of hot sauces, smoothies, cricket sauces, kebeh, blue sparkling apple cider, veal, meatballs and olives even curries and other sauces.  You will see them soon at your local markets but for now to find out more about them and follow them to find out more about their products and see where you can go to sample them too.


(1) The Spread 
Instagram @thatsthespread 
Twitter @thatsthespread
FB thatsthespread 

(2) Cucina Mauro 

Twitter @CucinaMauro 
FB: CucinaMauroCatering 
Instagram @cucina_mauro 

(3) Brawta Caribbean 

Instagram @brawta_caribbean
Twitter @brawtacaribbean 

(4) One Hop Kitchen

Instagram @onehopkitchen 
Twitter @onehopkitchen 
FB: One Hop Kitchen

(5) Broya

Instagram @broyaliving 
Twitter @broyaliving 

(6) Kabkeb

Website coming soon.

(7) Gryllies

Instagram @gryllies 
Twitter @gryllies 
FB: Gryllies 

(8) Gluten Be Gone Inc.


(9) Island Foods 


(10) Mary’s Brigadeiro

FB: /MarysBrigadeiro 
Instagram @MarysBrigadeiro 
Twitter @MarysBrigadeiro 

(11) Premium Near Beer

Twitter @premiumnearbeer 
FB: Premium Near Beer 

(12) Living Farmacy

Twitter @livingfarmacy 
Instagram @livingfarmacy 

(13) The Duke Brothers Co.

Instagram @thedukebrothers

(14) Saha Cuisine 

Twitter: @sahacuisine 
Instagram: @sahacuisine 
FB: Saha International Cuisine

(15) Jaswant’s Kitchen

Instagram: @jaswantskitchen 
Twitter: @jaswantskitchen 

(16) Mod Garden Twitter @modgarden 

FB: @themodgarden 

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