Saturday, September 3, 2016

A Hot & Fun Blogger BBQ


Event -     Blogger BBQ
Date -      August 20, 2016
Reason -  Getting to know fellow foodie people

Shuang (The Teleporta) and I hosted our 1st Blogger BBQ this month. And true to my luck it was one of the hottest days of the summer but that didn't stop us.  

We wanted to have all the Toronto Food Bloggers and food industry people that I know get together to just chill and meet each other and find out who we are outside of our social media handles. 

I wanted to get a chance to see what everyone thinks and share info and connect.
Unfortunately I couldn't find a date that worked for so many of the busy bloggers so we just went with this date.  The good thing is that we were going to do it the week before and it turned out to be a crazy storm that day.  So our group was small but mighty.  As usual I made enough food for double the amount of people.  But you never know what people will like.  Some of the people that attended I have known for a few years and some not as long but they are all becoming really great friends.  Shuang is a fairly new food blogger and hasn't met most some of them so she now has a bunch of new friends that understand the love of food and the need to take a photo of your food before you eat.

Attendees were:
Denise - Petits Chefs Academy -
Loren - Aroma Outreach Manager -
Natalie - Cooking Quidnunc food blogger -
Jenny - Ice Cream and Knishes food blogger -
Niki - Niki S lifestyle blogger -
Shuang -
and me of course but you know that because you are reading this. :)



  • Gazpacho- I made this
  • Artichoke and White Bean Dip with Beet Chips - I made this
  • Carrot salad with harissa dressing - I made this
  • Souvlaki Chicken and vegetable skewers - Shuang prepared this
  • Fresh shucked corn - Shuang prepped this
  • Pesto pasta salad - I made this
  • Grilled Peaches with Vanilla gelato and Dulce De Leche - Shuang prepped this
  • Cheesecake brownie cupcakes that Jenny made were fantastic.
  • Niki brought potato and macaroni salads
  • Denise brought some wine
  • Natalie made a Greek Salad
  • Loren brought the Tzaziki and pita for the skewers, Loren learned what Tzaziki was.

Everyone literally pitched in to make this BBQ happen.  We needed all hands on deck to bring things up to the rooftop bbq and back down.  We only stayed up there to plate all the food and eat the main things but we had the dip and gazpacho and the dessert at Shuang's place.  It was just too hot when the sun moved and a couple of people had to leave for other events.

The Bean dip which I just made without a recipe was a big hit.   A bit of this and that.  I will have to make this again and measure everything so I can have the recipe handy.

The peaches were so sweet and juicy, those of us that were still there for dessert loved the peaches.

I would love to organize another Potluck in October and have more bloggers who couldn't make the date we had it come out and see what they can do to impress everyone.  A little time to get to know each other without the mad rush to get a perfect shot for a blog post.

Thanks to all for coming and for contributing to a HOT and FUN afternoon.  Hope to see everyone again soon at another Blogger get together.

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