Sunday, May 22, 2016

Rexford's new Healthy Meal Delivery service

Rexfords Foodbar hosted a Culinary Tasting at Acme works recently to showcase  some of their meal delivery service meals.  They had a selection of about 6 meals and I chose the Chicken Souvlaki but I think they called it Shawarma.

They started out by supplying local gyms with Freezers where they would stock orders for their clients.  When you are a busy professional it's a great way to maximize your time by going to the gym and picking up your dinner right there.  It gives you more time for other things.

The meals were developed by nutritionists and the reason they paired up with the Gym's at first was to cater to people who wanted to get proper nutrition without spending a lot of time figuring it out and preparing it.
You can still pick up your meals at your local gym but they will also deliver to your home or office.
The meals are all around 500 calories and are low in salt, fat and sugar.  All of the flavourings are natural spices and herbs.   They are about the size of those grocery store frozen meals but when you look at the sodium and preservatives listed on the back of one of those boxes there is no comparison.

They are great for people that don't have the time to cook but also if you live alone you most likely wouldn't cook a complete meal for yourself.  If you had to stock all of the food included in one of the meals you really would spend a lot more time and money per meal if you wanted the variety of food choices unless you are super efficient at using all of your groceries but as we know 50% of groceries purchased end up in the trash.  This is a great way to cut down on waste.

While it is difficult to make frozen food as good as individually cooked freshly cooked foods I can tell you from the sample I had they had great flavours and I was told that you could also heat them up in a pan or in the oven.   Basically the microwave steams it and makes it a bit dry so I would experiment with timing and see how it works for you.

They come in a BPA free microwavable container that you can heat up in a couple of minutes.

To find out more about Rexfords check them out here:


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