Monday, May 23, 2016

Tapas Essentials not just for Tapas


You usually think of Tapas as a something you eat at a party or while restaurant hopping in Spain.
I was given some samples of Espuna Canada's Tapas Essentials and made them in 3 different ways.

I used the Chorizo salami in my Spanish Omellette for what could be a Breakfast, Lunch or even dinner because it really  has everything in it.

I sliced and fried small pieces of the chorizo with diced onions, and green and red peppers and then I added scrambled eggs.  I used smoked paprika for the spice but skipped salt and pepper because of the chorizo. You could make a fold over omelette or a fritatta but this was based on an omellette my mom used to make for my dad who had some Spanish heritage.  My mom would add tomatoes instead of salami but sometimes my dad would make omelettes with salami in them.

I kept everything pretty simple because I didn't have a lot of time to prepare fancy things and it's also a super easy way to have these things on hand in case friends stop by at the last minute.

I used the fantastic salami just the way it is on a piece of sliced baguette and topped it off with some Spanish Manchego cheese and some olives and grape tomatoes on the side.  Some Marcona almonds and grapes would probably be great to have with this if I had some.

The last thing I made were the classic Prosciutto wrapped dates.  I also stuffed them with some more of the Manchego cheese but you could use any kind of cheese that melts well or even put a Marcona almond in the middle too.  These would be great for parties but I just made them for an afternoon snack.

I wanted to use the products to have a Fiesta party with friends but we didn't have the time to pull it together so I just used them in my everyday life and you can use them for appetizers, lunch, a snack or cooked in your dinner.

You could also use the chorizo salami on your favourite pizza or use the prosciutto in a paninni.

If I was having a party I would have used most of these products for a charcuterie board with some great cheeses, and fruits and nuts.

Espuna products were founded in 1947 in Olot, Spain by the Espuna family and have been family fun since then. They export 300 products to 49 countries.

To find out more about their line of products visit their website at

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