Monday, March 7, 2016

Pusateri's opens Food Hall at Saks Sherway Gardens

 Pusateri's Food Hall Opens at Saks Fifth Avenue at Sherway Gardens

I started my day today at the brand NEW Pusateri's Fine Foods Food Hall at the also recently opened Saks Fifth Avenue store at CFSherway Gardens.  It's a bit of a trek for me but I wanted to see what the pairing of 3 power brands would look like.  I stared off with a latte at the Nutella Cafe where there were all kinds of treats made with Nutella and crepes and an array of other pastries.  I tried the strawberry Nutella crepe and a bit of apple strudel.  Today was opening day and they were still buzzing around trying to get everything ready.  It takes a village to open a store like this.  Everything is set up in perfect alignment and a feng shui master would be so happy in this space.  Attention to detail is unbelievable and my fellow blogger buddy said it was so perfect she didn't want to touch anything.  I am sure that's not what they want but at the same time it means that everything is in the perfect place.

The whole space has an amazing flow and bright and airy.  Much lighter than the other Pusateri's which are not as spacious.  

A grocery shop like this is a dream store for me.  It's the Best of the Best from local producers and the top products from around the world.  I spotted my favourite Kusmi Teas from Paris and they have Forno Cultura, Blackbird Baking Co. and Fred's Breads and more local products like Nugateau to come.

Manager John Mastroianni
John Mastroianni, Pusateri's Manager stated that they look for products without GMO's, antibiotics and all the nasty stuff you don't want in your food and seek out the best they can get with unique and staple items.  The funny thing is that John is married to the girl I used to live next door to many years ago.  

Pusateri's owner/founder took a bunch of us media types for a little tour of the store where they explained some of the products and sections like their Prociutina as in this photo explaining how they age and slice their prociutto's on site.

There is so much high quality food sections available for people that are willing to pay for the best quality and products that are hard to find in one place. This is the first mall that has a grocery store attached to the mall as they say.  I don't know about that but it is unique for sure.  It's nice to be able to pick up dinner after running errands at the mall.  There is the smaller Pusateri's at Bayview Village but it pales in comparison to this one.  The Manager John also told me that they will open an even bigger one in the Path at the Bay/ Saks at Yonge and Queen Street soon.  That's the one I will probably hit up when I need some specialty items since it's subway accessible.


There is a Sushi Bar, a Fish counter, meat counter, packaged deli meats, a bread section, a full produce section, lots of desserts and a huge array of prepared foods that you can grab and go when you just don't have time to cook or just don't want to.   From proteins to sides they have you covered.  Don't go hungry or you will buy enough food to eat for days and days.

The Whole Pusateri family was on hand to cut the Panini to welcome everyone to the new store.

And the future generation of Pusateri knows good food when they see it and little does this little man know that he is being subliminaly trained to step into the future of food.

Pusateri's was the first to really cater to a high end clientele in Toronto starting up in North York and then other's have tried to step in as well but either way the competition is great for the people who live in the city that don't want to travel all over the city to find the best food they can get.

I just wish my income matched my palate so that I could shop there more often.

Sherway Gardens is still growing and there are more big things to come and as for Pusateri's there is also more to come.  Check them out and bring your appetite and your wallet.

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