Sunday, March 27, 2016

Is Easter about the food or religion?

Has Easter become a holiday like Christmas where the food becomes more of the thing than the religious aspect?  Also has commercial marketing been bombarding your feed lately?

I don't celebrate Easter so I don't have any Easter traditions.  Probably the closest thing to an Easter tradition for me is buying the Cadbury Mini Easter eggs over the lead up to Easter.  They are addictive little things.  

It struck me that I see people talking about the food they are going to eat a lot more than any of the religious aspects anymore.  Has it turned into a feast or marketed holiday?  I am not the one to ask but I will ask you if you celebrate Easter what is the most important part of it for you?

I have also been thinking about kids that live in food insecure households who don't get to have Easter Egg Hunts because their parents just can't afford to buy the Chocolate eggs.  They can get pretty expensive especially if you have more than one kid.

Since I don't have any Easter traditions or family recipes to share I just wanted you to think about the people that aren't celebrating Easter because either it's not their religion or they don't have family to celebrate it with or maybe they just can't afford to participate in the usual Easter traditions like the Fish, Easter eggs, and whatever else is part of a family Easter tradition.

Gastropost  @gastropost and Maple Leaf Foods @MapleLeafFoods are teaming up to help the people that aren't able to afford to put healthy food on their table with a new campaign.  You can nominate an individual that volunteers or works in food for a $10,000 donation.  You will benefit too.  It has to be someone involved in a not for profit registered charity.  Food Insecurity affects 1 in 6 children in Canada.  Hard to believe for a country that everyone thinks is free and progressive.

The campaign is called #FEEDITFORWARD and if you would like to nominate someone click on this link to register them.

This Easter think about the people in your lives that aren't sitting down to a big Easter meal or can't celebrate Easter for whatever reason and invite them to dinner or start a tradition by bringing them one of your extra family treats.   #FEEDIT FORWARD if you can.  You never know how much it will mean to someone's life.

I am not a religious person but pray for the people that need a bit of help with all the challenges going on in this world we all need peace, health and happiness.

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