Saturday, January 30, 2016

IDS2016 New ideas in design

Want to get the biggest BANG for your buck in Design?  

I recently attended the Opening Night Party and Media Preview at the INTERIOR DESIGN SHOW IDS2016 in Toronto to see what's new in Home Design. I have been wanting to go to IDS for the past few years but it always seemed to happen when I had other things going on.  So I was really happy that I could attend this year, although I did end up having work conflicts and was only able to go to the Opening Night Party but I was determined to see everything at the show that night.  The alcohol and assorted food bites were flowing but I ventured throughout the Metro Convention Centre to look at all of the Design Displays.  The photos probably don't do the design justice but it will give you a bit of an idea of a few of the things I checked out including this Lego House.  I wonder if Lego could be the homeless solution of the future?  Maybe I should build myself a Lego House on a Lake or something... HMMM..  

 One of my favourite Canadian stores Urban Barn was there with a great booth of all the things I would love to buy in the spring.  I bought a lot of my furniture from them.

I am not sure exactly what this oval piece is meant for but I am guessing it's a man cave thing of possible a music player?  There wasn't anyone there to ask at the time.

I really like Black Classic but with a slight edge so this booth of black and white really caught my eye.  Solid pieces that would probably stand the test of time. I love all of these pieces.

 Oh Look it's fashion Santa on the wall of this huge living room booth.  Looks cozy.  I wonder how long these people sat there.  They look very comfy.

A trend that I saw seemed to be Wood everything including these sliding doors and this very interesting Modern Table.

In one of the Kitchen's was Chef Devan Rajkumar from OMAW whipping up some delicious Shrimp and Grits.  I am sure he doesn't get to cook in a kitchen that clean and roomy everyday.  I would love to have a kitchen with a fridge that large and a visit by Chef Devan wouldn't hurt too.

I thought this Fridge was interesting.  You know how you lose things at the back of your fridge?  This fridge is shallow and you can see everything in it very easily.  Might not be great for Big Birthday Cakes though.

 I also thought this bowl was interesting functional design.  It's a bowl that is also a strainer and it has a handle that you can use if you need to pout out the contents.

The one thing I have learned over the past few years of shopping for a new space is that you need to have function and beauty together for a piece that you will want to keep for a long time.  Design without function is just art but create a piece that is beautiful and functional then you have Great DESIGN.  I saw a lot of great design at IDS2016.  Lot's of solid wood, lot's of granite and other similar  types of counter tops, interesting finishes in wood and laminate flooring and modern and high tech kitchens and bathrooms.

I was hoping to write this post in time for you to still visit the show but unfortunately you will have to wait until next year to go to the show but you will see some of these designs on local daytime TV Shows and in retail stores soon where you can purchase some of these beautiful things.

For more information about the show and some of the Vendors that were in attendance check out :

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