Thursday, July 16, 2015

Get an Aroma Gift card for a good thing

Everyone needs a little help sometimes and you and I are no exception.  If you say you don't need help you are lying.

I understand that sometimes you don't want to do things for other people unless there is something in it for you.  Yes our society has gotten very self centred and greedy over the past few years.

Well here is your chance to do something good for me, you and a whole bunch of people you don't even know.

I am trying to raise funds to participate in the Culinary Showdown for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and I need your help to reach my goal of $2500 to be able to participate in the Showdown and more importantly raise money for Cancer research to help a whole lot of people including some you may be related to or know.

Yes I know funds are tight these days or you just can't be bothered to donate.  Well I have a little incentive for you to do some good and contribute to my goal.

For anyone that DONATES $75 or more to my fundraising page by clicking on this link here:  DONATE HERE Now!  I will give you a $!0 Aroma Espresso Gift Card.

This year's Culinary Showdown brings back Noah Cappe as the Host and last year's winning Chef Lynn Crawford and highest fundraising chef Corbin Tomaceszki and they have announced that renowned pastry chef Elizabeth Faulkner will be participating this year and also new is Quebec superstar Chef Ricardo Larivee.  They still have one more Chef to announce.

I can't do the Run for the Cure so I am hoping that I can at least try and participate in the Cook for the Cure and try and raise as much money as I can with your help.

Why am I doing this?  Well because I think participating in the Culinary Showdown will be fun and it's also a way of doing something that can help someone else in the future to prevent them from going through debilitating Chemotherapy treatments.

If you can't afford to donate $75 that's ok.   You can donate $15-$20 or whatever you can and will get a Tax receipt for your donation.

I really appreciate your support and assistance and every little bit counts.

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