Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Block Party III at Muzik Nightclub -Event

I am way past nightclub days but I received an invite from Food Bloggers of Canada about Block Party III at Muzik Nightclub and proceeds would go to the Daily Bread Food Bank.  That's always a good thing in my books and this event seemed to come up a lot from different sources. This event was presented by the Food Dudes who do events, have a food truck, a restaurant and do catering as well.

 My friend who lives in the area where it was held asked if I was going and after thinking about it I decided to go because I didn't have any plans and i knew she wanted to go.

I knew there were going to be young, skinny girls in high heels and little clothing and there was but they were the models that were scattered around the venue some with body painted tops and some just skimpy clothing to attract the boys.

But I have to say that I was blown away when I walked into the venue.  It looked like Miami beach landed in Toronto.

I have never been to Muzik Nightclub at Exhibition Place, so I don't know what it looks like normally but I imagine a lot of it was just the way the venue was designed and then kicked up by the great branding and attention to detail by the Food Dudes who were hosting the event.

There were food vendors spread out around the perimeter of the outside patio and the Food Dudes Food Truck was parked just inside to the right of the entrance and 2 other food trucks tucked away in between the other food vendors.  So there wasn't big blaring ugly noisy food trucks taking away from the beauty of the venue.  I found that impressive the way it all flowed.  I am all about the flow of an event and having seating areas that are comfortable and blend into the settings.  There was plenty of seating with lounge chairs, big comfy cuddling chairs,  long table seating with umbrellas and couches set inside cabana areas around the outside.  But there was still a lot of places to walk around and all kinds of things to do besides just stand around or sit around and eat and drink.  It was an adult playground.

There was a little bus that was a photo booth and they had fun things to take photos with.
There was ping pong tables, connect things, a huge Jenga, and a fooseball table even.

That's not all.  There were DJ's, musicians and on top of that there were Artists painting huge paintings inside the Dome and at the back of the venue which were part of Art Battle.  Some really talented artists I must say.

Let's get back to the food for a minute.  Some of the Vendors included Pizzeria Libretto, Food Dudes, Rodney's Oyster House, Khao San Road, Gourmet Bitches, Rasa and more.

I tried the Food Dudes Japanese Poutine, an interesting mix of fries, pork belly, curds, gravy, nori and a few other things.  It filled me up but I tried a forkful of my friends Lamb biryani but I liked my Poutine better.  We all tried the Nitro Ice Cream sandwiches but unfortunately we were all disappointed with them.  The vanilla ice cream tasted sour and it was totally melted and the cookies weren't all that fabulous but the presentation of the nitro was amazing.  At the end of the night I got 2 huge Malbec Oysters from Rodney's but that's about all that I ate.  My other friend had a burger that she said was pretty good.  There was some mystery empanada thing we saw a few people with but we couldn't figure out where they came from.  I probably would have tried that if we had found it.

Then on top of the food vendors there was the Chef Battle put on by the Underground Chef Cartel (UCC) and hosted by Chef Devan Rajkumar.  The battle was between the chef of Mata Restaurant and I am not sure who the female chef was but she won the battle and afterward said it was time to get "hammered".

After the battle was over the sun set and the roaming entertainment outside on the patio began.  So many things to keep you entertained.   A woman with a glowing Food Dudes baton that she twirled by the pool, another girl with a multi colored glowing hula hoop,  a couple of guys juggling also multi colored lit up juggling pins.  A lady in a Victorian outfit with a crystal ball and who knows what else I didn't see.  You really couldn't get bored with so much to see and do.

This was not a typical food blogger event and one of my blogger friends that I met up with there was a bit intimidated by the environment but we ended up having a great time and the best part of it was that it was supporting Daily Bread.

Today is Canada Day and I wish the City put on an event like that for adults to Celebrate Canada Day along with the usual family friendly events.

This past clubbing girl felt old and young at the same time at this event and I have to say congrats to the Food Dudes and the other organizers, staff and vendors for putting on a great event.
Oh.. I have to add that there was a couple of dudes wearing red shorts and they had Food Dudes tattoos on their chests.
The Food Dudes really know how to brand an event.  Even the beach balls that floated in the pool had the Food Dudes logo on them.

Well done boys... Hope it was successful for everyone.

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