Friday, May 22, 2015

Mealshare - Buy a meal give a meal

Abbey Sharp (Abbey's Kitchen)  Registered Dietician, TV personality and blogger hosted an event at Pizzeria Libretto last night to launch a new program called MEALSHARE.  Abbey is an Ambassador for Mealshare so she invited some influencers to spread the word about the program.

Derek Juno who is Mealshare's VP of Business Develpment was on hand to explain the Mealshare program.

Mealshare is a really great initiative that makes it really easy for people to do something good without doing anything out of the ordinary in their everyday lives.  The program works when you go out to dinner at selected Mealshare restaurants and order a designated mealshare dish indicated on the menu Mealshare will donate a meal to someone less fortunate through a local or international charity.

Kathy from Parc, Derek from Mealshare, Abbey Sharp and Hilbert from Save the Children

A couple of the local and international beneficiaries representatives were present to speak about how the program benefits different charitable organizations. Kathy Allan from PARC - Parkdale Activity-Recreation Centre and Hilbert from Save the Children were present to answer questions and support the program launch.

It doesn't cost a diner anything extra to participate.  The only thing required is to choose the menu item from a restaurant that participates in the Mealshare program.  More and more are joining the program everyday.

Since we were at Pizzeria Libretto Chef Rocco presented us samples of their featured item that will be the BUY ONE GIVE ONE Mealshare menu item.  Their feature was this DUCK CONFIT pizza.  They chose it because it was one of their signature pizzas.  It's made with Duck Confit, caramelized pear, rosemary and mozzarella cheese in a Neopolitan style pizza.

To find a participating restaurant in your are and for more information check their website:   

Some of the other Toronto restaurants that are participating include: Richmond Station, Terroni, Cafe Belong, Hawthorne, Glory Hole Doughnuts, Nana, Marben and many more.

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