Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Food Revolution Day Squash It Sandwich Recipe

Want to participate in a FOOD REVOLUTION DAY 2015 activity but don't have any in your area?

You can make this official Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Day 2015 recipe with your kids or your friends and family or even your co-workers.

There are a lot of ingredients but if you can't get them you can substitute what you can find or like as long as you stick to things that can be eaten raw because this recipe doesn't require any cooking but you might want to pick up a rolling pin or a tenderizing mallet to let loose on these tea towel covered vegetables.  Kids will love bashing their veggies and adults might like letting out their frustrations on the little wrapped up package of vegetables by pounding the heck out of them.

If you decide to make them for yourself or with anyone else don't forget to take some selfies and tag them #FOODREVOLUTIONDAY so that we can see you participating in this Global initiative.

While the food bashing may be fun it's meant to be a metaphor for #Fighting for Food Education this year's theme.  Jamie Oliver is on a mission this year to get G20 governments to make a change in the school system that will have a ripple effect on generations to come.  

So do your part and make the sandwich on May 15, 2015 and Sign Jamie Oliver's PETITION on   Sign It and Share It.  and don't forget to take some selfies of you doing it so we can count all the people participating in the World.

Follow the Toronto Teams Tweets and Instagram posts at #foodrevTO

Because I am hosting an event at Hendrix Restaurant Supply store I chose some of my own recipes instead of the Squash It sandwich because it requires pounding on things and my venue is a brand new Test Kitchen.  I will have another post with those recipes available on May 16th so you can try them if you can't attend my event.  But for now SQUASH away.

You can download the Recipe by clicking on this link:

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