Thursday, October 2, 2014

Boneyard Grill opens second location in North York

Boneyard Grill opened it's second location recently in North York on Avenue Road just north of Lawrence Ave W.  Their first location is in Thornhill.

I checked out the new Avenue Road location with some food blogger friends.

Don't expect a light meal when you go to Boneyard Grill.   It's literally a stick to your ribs kind of food with the Ribs being their main dish but they have a mainly meaty based menu.

The food is simple but tasty.  It's classic football party style food.  

We tried an array of Miami Ribs, Burgers, Chicken wings, fries, Onion Brick (rings),  Pulled Pork and Coconut shrimp.

They do have salads and steaks and some other items on the menu but we didn't sample any of them so I can't tell you much more about those dishes.

I enjoyed the Onion Rings or Bricks as it is called on the Menu.  Lightly battered crispy stack of thin cut onions.  I have been craving Onion Rings lately for some reason so these hit the spot.

I also liked the thin cut Sweet Potato fries.  Very crispy and well seasoned.  I am not a fan of heavily salted sweet potato fries as I like the sweetness of the sweet potato to shine through and these ones had a nice balance.

The burger sliders were simple but tasty.  No fancy gourmet toppings on these.  I added some onion rings to my sliders and that gave them a nice crunch.

The Pulled Pork was also very good with a great BBQ sauce flavour coating the meat.   Tip.. eat them quickly before the buns fall apart.

The ribs were really tasty too.  Their BBQ sauces are great and they also have some great dipping sauces for the wings and the fries.  The Mango one was delicious.

We had a fun night stuffing our faces.   We were all very stuffed and rolled out of the restaurant.

Wear your stretchy pants and don't wear an expensive fancy white shirt... be prepared to get messy and enjoy some great grub with some friends.

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