Monday, October 20, 2014

9th Annual Chocolate Ball Gala a chocoholic's heaven

The 9th Annual Chocolate Ball was held at the Eglinton Grande Event Hall this past week on a night that saw a crazy rain storm that flooded the streets of Toronto again.  The timing of the start of the event  happened at the same time as the storm decided to go crazy leaving attendees of the gala to run like crazy to get into the event or to find a creative way of getting there around the flooded streets that were close to the venue.  But there were quiet a few including myself that made it out to the event for a night of Chocolate.  The theme of the event was TROPIC COCOA: A salute to movies, music and dance of the Tropics.

The Chocolate Ball is a Charity Event that benefits Prostate and Breast Cancer Initiatives.
The organizer is also responsible for the upcoming Luxury Chocolate Show at Roy Thompson Hall.

The Chocolate Ball is more of a Celebration of Chocolate and an over the top party complete with Hula  girls, photo booth, casino tables, caricatures and a silent auction.   Lots to see and be entertained by at this Gala and then there is the Chocolate.  Imagine tables around the room covered in all things chocolate.  I would have liked to see a few more savoury chocolate dishes but there were a couple of different kinds of tacos, some chocolate Ribs and a couscous salad I think.  I didn't try that one but I tried the Tacos and the Ribs which were delicious.   And then there was the rest of the room full of cakes, crepes, tarts, chocolates, candies, and anything that you could think of that was made of chocolate.  I tried as much as I could but you can only eat so much chocolate at one time before you go into a chocolate coma.   Some of the vendors that were there were Earl's Kitchen and Bar, Penthouse Catering, Crepe a Go Go, Personal Chef Solutions and Rasool's Charbroiled on the Savoury side and La Rocca Creative Cakes, Giddy Yoyo, Chocostyle, Xocai, M Thompson Chocolates to name a few.

The organizers did a great job of making the event fun and interactive and people were encouraged to hop on the dance floor and learn how to shake their hips with the Hula dancers.   A couple of the chefs got into the act even.

Here are a few photos I took at the event.  The lighting wasn't great for food pics but it was designed to make the room sparkle.

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