Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Canada Day Foods


I wanted to make some food type thing for Canada Day and originally I was going to do a maple leaf out of Strawberries but that wasn't a great idea.  Then I thought the most Canadian thing is Maple Syrup and Bacon so I combined them to make Maple Candied Bacon which I may turn into Bacon Jam if I have any left.   Then I chopped up some farmer's market strawberries and put them into this Maple Leaf cookie cutter.   If it wasn't so hot today maybe I could have baked some cookies.  So this is what I thought was a good representation of Canada and especially Toronto, Ontario.

Here are some oods people generally think of when they think of Canada:

This is a photo of one of my farmer's market trips in Toronto.   All local Ontario Foods.

and there are lot's of other popular Canadian food and drinks.

Tim Horton's Coffee or in this case Ice Cappuccino and Maple Donut

Duck Poutine with an Egg from Cluny Bistro

Butter Tarts - This is a Bacon Butter Tart that I had at the Green Living Show

St Lawrence Market Peameal Bacon Sandwiches

Molson Canadian Beer/Cider

Canadian Cheese (Oka) from Quebec 

Here's a fun one.. Maple Bacon doughnut from Caplansky's food truck.

Then there's Nainaimo Bars, Montreal Smoked Meat and Maple Syrup.

People don't say I'm going to go for Canadian Food when they decided what to eat but wouldn't it be nice if they started saying that.   We have great chefs, restaurants, producers and food trucks showcasing some of our best foods that we have in Canada.

What do you think of when you think of Canadian Food.

Go out and try one of these soon.

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