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Art - Food - Charity Collide to save kids in Cambodia

ART - FOOD - CHARITY Collide to save KIDS

I love Art, I love food and I love it when these 2 things can come together to do something good in the World.  A local Toronto Chef and some great artists come together for a great charity event that will help kids in Cambodia have a chance to get the help they need and take them away from abuse and give them a chance at having their childhoods back.  

This is the kind of event I love to tell you about and hope that you can participate in some way.
If you are an Art Lover and a Foodie and fancy yourself a Philanthropist too then you can pick up some beautiful art and have a great dinner and have no guilt about it because your money spent will help so many kids that wouldn't have a chance at a good life without your help.  
It's a no brainer I think.

Toronto's rogue chef Matt Blondin and soon to be chef at Food Dudes collaboration JUNK a Food Dudes collaboration, is diving into charity work by auctioning off his services in support of the event Buy Art Not Kids.www.buyartnotkids.com

The art auction is offering a lot called The Perfect storm that is a private and exclusive dinner for six by Blondin in an artists residence. 

Buy Art Not Kids on April 4, 2014
BANK works to end child sex trafficking by raising funds with original artwork and one of a kind culinary experience with Matt Blondin

On April 4, 2014Buy Art Not Kids (BANK) returns for its annual fundraising event to raise awareness and funds for Ratanak International. Ratanak is an international organization working to bring an end to child sex trafficking. BANK features 31 acclaimed Canadian artists and 14 senior students from Havergal College, where the event is held.

On April 4, the BANK Art Auction consists of live music, performance art, raffle prizes, sumptuous food, wine, a silent auction and live auction facilitated by auctioneer Stephen Ranger, including works by notable artists like Christopher BoffoliMichael LevinJulie Himel,Sheila Kernan and Marjolyn van der Hart.

Anne-Marie Mediwake, cohost of CBC News Toronto, is hosting this year’s fundraiser.

Buy Art Not Kids is a great way to reach and rescue young girls and boys who might live half way around the world, but desperately need our help. This fundraiser encourages you to support Canadian artistic talent and in turn you can also help save the lives of youth who are at risk of child sex trafficking. Support and change a life. It really is that simple,” says Mediwake.

Also featured in this year’s auction is Lot # 19, The Perfect Storm. For The Perfect Storm, much loved Toronto chef Matt Blondin has paired with BANK artist Cesan D’Ornellas Levine to create a once in a lifetime dining experience combining food, wine and art. The winning bidder receives a catered dinner created by Matt Blondin for 6 people. The dinner party will be hosted in the world renowned home/studio of artist Cesan D’Ornellas Levine, who will also provide the winner with a painting commission valued at $1,000. The total value of Lot # 19 is $5,000.

Lot #21, Christopher Boffoli, Peanut Butter Cup Repair Technician, 2011, Lambda C-print
At its inaugural event in 2013, BANK raised $50,000. This year’s event aims to exceed that.

BANK is hosting a sneak peek of artwork being featured at the April 4 fundraiser in the CBC’s Context Studio (205 Wellington St. W.) from March 5-March 28, 2014.

About BANK
Buy Art Not Kids (BANK) is an art auction founded in 2011 by Rachelle and Stephen Kearns. As a mother of two she is highly motivated to take the compassion she feels and create tangible change. BANK showcases top Canadian artists and raises funds and awareness while shedding light on the modern face of child slavery and exploitation.  All funds raised benefit Ratanak International, a Canadian charitable organization created in 1992 by founder Brian McConaghy, with the goal of raising awareness in support of the Cambodian people,  by rescuing exploited children and providing them with a safe haven, medical aid and emotional, mental and spiritual healing.

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