Friday, January 24, 2014

Sex in a Restaurant bathrooms? Would you?

I just read this article and I have to say that the trend to One Up or Get a Leg Up on the Competition or do things to shock people or get attention is getting really out of hand.   What happened to common decency and respect and class?   I can honestly say that I would never go to a restaurant that promoted this as a special "promotion".    You know they don't have staff that go into bathrooms and clean up as frequently as they should already.   I know I don't want to go into this bathroom to wash my hands before eating dinner....  That's for sure.   What happened to the Romance of going out to dinner and then having the class and control to go wherever is appropriate afterwards depending on who you were with...  All this does is encourage bad behaviour.   People that probably shouldn't be hooking up if they have to do it in a public bathroom.    Go home, go to a hotel... go camping,  do it in your cars... I just don't want to walk into every restaurant bathroom with Lysol wipes.

I want to go to a Restaurant to Eat GOOD FOOD... and spend time Talking to People...  There is a Time and a Place People for Everything..     This is not Sexy to me.  It's just kind of gross.

Restaurant promotes sex in its bathrooms

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