Friday, December 6, 2013

KitchenAid Cook for the Cure Culinary Showdown

KitchenAid Cook for the Cure

Today is the last day to raise money for the Culinary Showdown for the Cook for the Cure.  I only managed to raise 10% of my goal and $80 of it by baking cookies and selling them at the Canadian Youth Business Foundation Office.  Thank you to all of those of you that supported the cause.   Unfortunately I didn't raise enough money to be able to join a celebrity chef team and participate in the Culinary Showdown but all of the funds that I did raise will go towards the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.   If I do this again I know I need to bake cookies well in advance to raise more money or I need to meet some new rich friends.

Good Luck to those lucky top 50 fundraisers that will be participating in the Culinary Showdown on Dec 7th.

I raised a total of $250 for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and received a White Apron for raising $250 or more.

I didn't get to go to the Showdown but maybe I will try again next year.

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