Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Support street food in Toronto

If you have been following my Blog you will know that I support Food Trucks expanding their reach in Toronto.  If any of you watch the show Eat St. you will also know that in most other cities in the U.S. and other places there are many more opportunities for Street Food Vendors, while we are limited to hot dogs and french fry trucks.  While I have nothing against hot dogs and fries I would like to see a lot more variety and something of more value to your health or your money.   There are a lot of great Culinary Artists that start out with Food Trucks because they can't afford the costs of a full restaurant.  It gives them a chance to run a food business without losing their shirts.  The food industry is very difficult in Toronto.  I think it is a good thing that they are able to start out small with carts or food trucks and gain experience, have direct contact with the people that eat their food and get direct feedback and grow their clientele so when they do get too busy for their trucks they are able to expand to a bricks and morter location.   I received this email and have filled out the survey for the city.

Please fill the survey out or pass it along to friends that want to see more street food.  If you have the time and are able to show your support in person there is a link for further information in this email.

Let's get with the times and make our street food a whole lot more diverse.

Thanks..  Linda

Hello street food lovers!

You're getting this letter because you wrote (and perhaps tweeted) your city councillor in support of street food at streetfoodto.com. It's been a long road since then, but we've had some success.. food trucks in parks, food carts allowed to a broader menu, and next, an unfair fee for street food vendors to hire employees is to be removed.

The City has launched public consultations on street food, for changes to be made early next year. And they need to hear from you!
  • Please fill out this survey to voice your thoughts on more carts and trucks.
  • Attend one of these meetings (see consultation schedule) and say a few words about why you support street food. We can help you prep. Just email Jovic (howland.jovic@gmail.com) to let us know which date you can make. These are the changes we've asked for.
  • Do you know restaurant owners who support street food? Let us know (email Jovic) so we can help them show their support. 
Thank you!

Darcy Higgins
Executive Director,
Food Forward

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